Halo 2... warezed


Apparently it’s the French PAL version that was leaked. Bottom line…this sucks for Microsoft and those of us that buy legitimately.



Ruh-roh. I wonder how long before it gets dumped online?

It’s not that big a deal really. Halo 2 is designed to take advantage of Xbox Live. You can’t play a warez version on Live without risking your Live account. So some dudes get to play the game for free in single player mode. Same as renting it or playing at a friends. They can’t download any new content for it or play other people online unless they buy it.


No, but they can make sure that spoilers appear on every messageboard you read, that people around you will be talking about those spoilers and you can darn well be sure that you’ll accidentally have the single player ruined for you if you don’t just stop reading any game information right now.


Yea, I can understand that, especially if you read French. But unless you buy the game the day it comes out, you’re always faced with that situation. I suppose game day buyers are being cheated. Look on the bright side, the game might suck.


According to that thread, it has English subtitles.

Also, since there’s like a million people planning to buy this thing on the first day, any early leaks of information really and truly do suck.


There a slight difference in someone buying the game 3 hours ahead of you and posting spoilers and someone leaking the game 3 weeks ahead of you. Genie’s out of the bottle, and you don’t think there aren’t any French people playing the game who can’t speak English, either?


Don’t read anything until you’ve gotten it and played it? Not like spoilers are going to appear in the New York Times, or on the CBS News…

Unless you have that one friend who’s an asshole, and says things like “Dude, Bruce Willis is dead in the Sixth Sense,” in off-handed conversation…

in that case, stab the asshole. Play the game.

Man, things aren’t looking good for Halo 2. The game’s been leaked a month before release, Steve Vai might be on the soundtrack, and the AI is supposedly terrible - the Covenant COs saw fit to give monkeys grenade launchers.

Is this the end for XBox?

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Actually the game has system link so they can play it online using XBConnect just fine. Looks like there are already some games of it up right now.

I’m not particularly familiar with Xbox DVD-ROM technology, but is it THAT easy to just download and burn a copy of the Halo 2 DVD-ROM?

I thought that part of the reason for the black backing on PS2 discs, for example, was to curtail piracy/copying of games.

PSX and PS2 discs are like that just to identify legitimate copies and to make it easier to destroy your games with scratches. If i remember, the discs had specifically corrupted sectors that prevented straight burns from playing.

It’s apparently somewhat easy to burn Xbox games with the right software. You still need a modded Xbox to play them though.

With Xbox games you can just copy them to a directory on the hard drive and play them provided you have a modchip

– Xaroc

So Dave, the reason behind your overzealous hatred of pirates is that they put out spoilers? Do you hate reviewers as well?

Haha. Is that supposed to be some kind of point?


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Online play might be out but doesn’t it also support LAN play?

I think it would be funny if Halo 2 came with an xbox software update on it which fucks over mod chips as soon as you run it. Haw haw! Joke’s on you!

Well, whatever. With all the money the thieves save by stealing all their games, they can just buy and mod another Xbox.