Halo Infinite - What is it?

I mean, the Sidekick is one of the best guns, as it should be in a Halo game. :)

Assault Rifle is a pea shooter by comparison. I almost always switch right to the handgun at round start if it’s standard Slayer.

There’s a Striker variant of the Sidekick that is god-level. We’re talking full shields to dead with 4 shots, and it’s got longer range.

That’s proper Halo handgunning!

I’ve been pretty happy with how the assault rifle works in Infinite. It’s always been such a waste of a weapon in earlier games, they’ve upped the damage and accuracy and I no longer feel like I need to immediately replace it as soon as a match starts.

Had my best round yet! Big Team Battle CTF. Had a 16-kill streak at one point, as I was death incarnate in a Warthog both splattering enemies, and gunning them down. It was sort of funny. At one point, the flag carrier kept running even though we were honking at him constantly to get in the Warthog. But that helped my kill count as the enemy kept trying to gun down the flag carrier.

What finally ended my reign of terror was the enemy warthog slamming into a crate, which slammed into me. Ah, Halo.

Yep, HI is the most viable the AR has ever been, honestly.

I wouldn’t assume that anything like this is the same problem that’s been around for a very long time. It’s very easy for similar symptoms to have completely different underlying causes, and for most of those issues to have been fixed for a long time, while there’s something brand new and specific to Infinite.

The important thing is that the developers have an in-house repro now, and will likely be able to fix it pretty easily.

Campaign reviews are out:


Great combat, repetitive open world structure and look, forgettable characters.

Recommended by Eurogamer.

And Recommended by John Linneman at Digital Foundry:

Text version:

Video version:

I was real confused with this bit from the PC Gamer review:

“Think Ornstein and Smaugh with grenade launchers, and you’ll understand my pain.”

What? A Jewish guy with the dragon from The Hobbit? Then it hit me. Oh, “Smough” not “Smaugh.”

Wow, Digital Foundry says VRR doesn’t work in Infinite on Xbox. That’s a hell of a bug for a game that was delayed for an entire frickin’ year. Completely breaks the 120fps performance mode.

They also found a lot of lighting and shadowing problems that you really wouldn’t expect to see in a current-gen title.

I never played previous Halo games (my kids did, so I watched a bit of the earlier titles), but the campaign looks cool and I see it’s coming to GamePass so I dropped a buck to get 3 months of GP. Why not?


Given the whole biz with Craig, that’s not all that surprising they can’t get lighting and shadowing right.

That’s just it, all the criticism from 2020 centered on that stuff. They did fix texture resolution, but it seems they couldn’t get lighting working in the open-world so they just, like, turned it off. It still looks good, but it looks like a lovely last-gen game.

The VRR bug is just egregious. Did they not QA Halo? Admittedly most people don’t have TVs supporting VRR yet so not a huge impact, but for those of us that do, it’s a real WTF moment.

You saw my Desync post up above, right? I just think 343 Studios aren’t all that great technically at making video games. They aren’t Bungie, much as Microsoft would like them to be.

Arguably, this whole keep it last gen stuff is probably playing a role in all of it too. Can’t really focus on Series X and the top platform when you have to support all those other platforms and a gazillion PC configs…

Yeah, that seems like a pretty big multiplayer bug too.

The biggest disappointment for me is the lack of environmental variety. I love the Silent Cartographer as much as the next guy but that’s gonna become stale if it’s the only exterior you see for the entire game. Even a cliché snowy throwback biome or a desert would’ve been welcome. The world presented in the original 2018 reveal trailer suggests ambitions were heavily scaled back.

It’s kinda weird that man went to space and everywhere we go looks like Earth on a ringworld.

Wonder how the Gamepass servers will hold up on Weds.