Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Happy Thanksgiving to you geewhiz and everyone else in the community who celebrates it!

We are friends with a Canadian family here in France and will be celebrating with them tonight since they didn’t get to celebrate their Canadian Thanksgiving last month.

That is great! Will their be any added differences in the traditional meal since you are in France?

Happy Turkey Day!

Also a special thanks to everyone who has to work today, you are the unseen support system that keeps the world spinning.

I’m thankful for Quarter to Three. It’s my favorite place to hang out.

Well, we are having a rotisserie chicken instead of turkey for simplicity. Otherwise my wife and the other family are making some of side dishes and desserts that we each typically make. I don’t think my wife found cranberries (the whole kind), so none of those.

It’s probably for the best, as Jellied Cranberry Sauce is the only good cranberry sauce.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I don’t think they have that here either. I like both, but my wife thinks the jellied kind are gross. My wife makes the whole kind sweetened and with some cinnamon - yummy!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving QT3!

Some Thanksgiving wisdom from the big guy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Day, all!

Be safe. Don’t eat and drive.

Ha ha – I agree. The GF likes to make it from scratch but I told her I prefer the jellied stuff. She was a bit crushed. Normally I’d go with the flow but sometimes you need to draw that line in the sand. I actually had to make a late-night grocery store run last night when I realized with a start we had forgotten to buy a can of the stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have much to be thankful for!

Thanksgiving is not something we celebrate in Brazil. But I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here who celebrate it!

Also, I’m thankful for Qt3 and the people I know and care about here. All the best to all of you.

Happy Hanksgiving all. Say something nice to a family member today!

Also, jellied cranberry sauce rocks.

Cranberry Orange Relish or nothing.