Happy Thanksgiving 2022

I am starting this thread a little early as I probably wont be on until the end of the weekend.

Two of my five grandchildren are coming for the holiday and I plan to be busy in little grandkid bliss. I will actually be seeing my 4th grandbaby (girl) tonight for the very first time (in person). Facetime is not the same as in person!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and safe travels and/or safe cooking (for those who are hosting their family and friends!)

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Hope you have a wonderful time with the little ones and family.
Wishing you all the best!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American QT3ers. Enjoy your turkey or turkey alternative!

And a Happy Belated Thanksgiving to our Canuck friends here.

My older brother came down with the weirdest injury that turned into illness I’ve heard of in a long time…but thankfully he’s on the full healing mend, and I’ll get to see him over Thanksgiving and I’m so grateful that he’s gonna stick around for a while longer. Puts things in perspective.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Give your family and friends hugs, even if they’re virtual ones by phone or zoom.

Very nice, @Rock8man. :) And a Happy early Thanksgiving to all my American friends on Qt3. I hope you all have wonderful and safe holiday.

Yikes! Glad he’s okay.

We’re heading up tomorrow to stay with my sister for an epic (gluten free) turkey feast courtesy of my bro-in-law. I get to wash the dishes.

Happy Thanksgiving, Qt3!

Pie is Our Destiny!

Booster and Fluester in my left wing this morning. Bah humbug. I’m planning a nice baked fish this TG, best wishes all!

I’ve done brisket for thanksgiving for nearly a decade, but the family requested rotisserie chicken this year.

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Brazil for obvious reasons (though there is Black Friday here now), but happy thanksgiving to all my friends here in Qt3. I am thankful for all of you. And please think of the turkeys. As in, enjoy them. Or not. Whatever floats your boat!

A happy and healthy Thanksgiving wish going out to all my imaginary friends here at Q2T

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hug your family!

Having 5 of us for a turkey dinner then a game night with friends so we will have 10 to 12 in the evening. Should be fun!

Chicken instead of brisket? Well, have a Happy Thanksgiving anyway. :)

And everyone else too!

There’s always room for pie.

Even when there isn’t.


1.5 pie, Bob!

Pie and coffee is where I start.

Just finished making a blackberry pie and popped it in the oven for tomorrow. I have high confidence it will only partially survive the day though as hot pie is just flat out irresistible to me.

Happy T-day everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for you all :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thanksgiving is delayed here in the Skipper household, my wife was sick on Friday when I returned home from a trip. She tested positive for COVID on Saturday =( I tested positive on Monday and we’re both still in the miserable stage. Regardless we do NOT want to risk infecting her mom, so Thanksgiving is delayed a week for us.