Hardspace: Shipbreaker, blue collar space sim about salvage

It should be said the regular career mode isn’t exactly hectic. Even with the time limit per work session and having to jet back to the hab a couple of times for air.

You can work the same ship for multiple shifts times until you get it all. It’s just more efficient money wise to try and finish in as few shifts as possible.

There is a little “after doing x you need to do y real quick or boom” stuff. That’s the only real time pressure.

Argh, I’m tempted to get this but if there EVER was a game that screamed for VR…

Yeah, it’s a real bummer. It’s perfect for touch controllers.

Yep, if you have played Lone Echo, you will know that gravity zero games are ideal for VR. Even more, a game about cutting metal with your hand tools and flinging them… it would adapt perfectly too to VR.

That reminds me, I really need to play more of Lone Echo 2.

I’m waiting for a new gpu for that. I want to play it with all bells and whistles!

All the reviews are positive, as far as I can see.

I’m playing it slowly, one ship per day.

That’s a good pace!

I’m treating it in a very procedural manner, and taking it like a real job. Think, don’t rush, try to salvage perfectly and pick up every little piece and above all, safety first.

It’s very calming.

Yeah, it’s very meditative and relaxing. Mostly.

I wish the game was technologically more advanced. And I mean in the destruction. One of the reasons I got interested in the game was in the first trailer or whatever when they showed you could cut pieces in two at any angle, it wasn’t ‘prefabricated’ pieces. In the real game you can do that in a bit less than 50% of the ships components, and I dislike you only can use straight lines, you can’t move freely the cutter with the mouse do a cutout of Mickey Mouse or whatever.

Heh, I was going to post it in the Lego thread. Very tempted to get it, but I need to cost the pieces.

That’s very clever marketing. The type of video it can go viral and while they focus on the lego model, they mention the videogame from time to time in a positive light with out being overbearing. And the sector of people who likes Lego and the people who would enjoy a game like Hardspace Shipbreaker has to match by a good amount.

There was an originally an upgrade to your laser cutter to be able to cut nanocarbon. I believe they removed it for gameplay reasons.

The game does a weird thing, in how it’s all divided in gameplay chunk of 15 minutes. I’m calling it ‘weird’ because the whole game thing is about how zen is to play it, slowly and deliberately dismounting ships until nothing remains, you could stay one hour in that ‘zen state’ and be satisfactory.
Except… I don’t know why, as I said, they decided to limit the sessions to 15 minutes, and it’s so dumb, because it means you have an extra loading screen, then click on get out again, and then resume your session of ship dismounting. What is the purpose, man?

Also, I think the story feels pretty flat on its face. I’m not caring for these characters, and well, you basically are told a story, you don’t participate on it really, not on dialogue, not on gameplay, etc, so the whole thing is pretty blah.

So far enjoying the Open Shift mode pretty much because of the lack of time limit, but I think you’re locked that choice from the beginning (I only see my campaign status under the Open Shift, not the other one). Although you can choose (actually you must rechoose) whether to have O2 drain every time you continue - I was actually worried it had lost my progress the first time it prompted me.

Try Open Shift mode if you don’t care for the time limit. I think there is a mod to adjust the time limit to whatever length you wish as well.

I think the purpose is to drive you towards efficiency, and/or balancing when to continue working on a ship or scuttling it for a new one. Each 15min requires that you do enough to make the 500k daily investment worthwhile. It can also drive you to be a bit sloppy and make mistakes - “I can grab that reactor before time is up, sure…”. Maybe 15min is a tad too short, but I do feel it is an integral part of the intended gameplay. Without it, I’d burn myself out trying to 100% every ship. As it is, I can forego perfection (and sometimes even hitting goal 4/5) so long as I don’t drive myself further in debt.

I’m starting to think most of the furnace items are not worth much. I started off doing things like instead of disconnecting the reactor just cutting the whole mounting out of the ship and chucking it into the barge. The last ship I got, after doing most of the outside bits and the reactor and thrusters, I just chucked the entire inner cockpit and crew cabins into the barge and got almost all the value that was left - saves having to open it up and sort out the components inside one by one. I should try just shoving the whole ship into the barge and see what happens with that haha.

While cutting ships up is surprisingly satisfying, it opens up the possibility of having a construction mode or upgrade mode, where you’d do things like chop off the old thrusters and weld on better ones.

Agreed - I saw the same tip on reddit about just tossing the aluminum inner part right to the barge, and it helps a ton! I will sometimes pull the glass off though, as that’s about the only worthwhile ‘furnaceable’ thing.

I kind of like the timer. Trying to finish in a minimal number of shifts adds a bit of challenge. Glad they provided both options.