Hardspace: Shipbreaker, blue collar space sim about salvage

This looks different. It makes me think: Wait, why haven’t we had this kind of space sim before? One where you’re in orbit, doing the hard work at a space station? Or, in this case, a salvage yard.

Early Access Trailer:

I guess the real question is, will breaking apart a space ship piece by piece actually be fun? I’m curious to find out.

There’s Cargo Commander, which is pretty similar in concept, though I guess not in execution.

Where is @BrianRubin? Saw this yesterday and figured he would be all over this.

My twitter has also become something of a news feed, and I did post it there:

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Are they Chris Foss style spaceships?

Fun bit of trivia: this is a modified version of the concept that later became Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (after BBI got permission to use the Homeworld name from Gearbox). You’re just scavenging ships in space now rather than in the desert.

This… is nothing like Deserts of Kharak. I don’t believe you!

Your prerogative, I guess.

Yeah, its a weird trajectory, but this is more back to how the original game was envisioned, until they got the Homeworld name.
I was actually pretty interested in the concept they had going on back then, but lost all interest after the homeworld stuff was added.

Probably the same reason no-one’s made a game about being a riveter in a dock-yard: Because it’s repetitive and dull? :)

This enters EA on Tuesday, with a $5 discount off the regular 24.99. There are 2 ship types at launch, each with multiple variants. Only the first act of the campaign is initially available, with roughly 15 hours of play.

I was thinking on making a thread for it the other day. I see now that it was a good choice to not do it, I didn’t notice we already had one!

They should add this gameplay loop to Star Citizen!

In some of the videos I noticed a clock counting down, sometimes it’s counting up. It seems pulling the reactor has a time limit, but does regular dismantling?

For most of the last video, it’s frozen in 14:45. To be honest it could be they have the time frozen with their dev tools as they were recording the video. It’s kind of confusing because the ui changes sometimes, in some scenes looks like this:
and in others like this

I’m rewatching the video, putting more attention of what’s happening:

-There are limited supplies in the tools use: a % goes down when he uses the bonesaw or grapple. Tethers are limited in number (26 in the corner). Even the scanner is limited in use, it has a % indicator too.
-The scanner has three modes, systems, structure and objects.
-There are limited o2, fuel (for your thrusters), health and suit status (indicated by squares). The o2 seems to have 350 seconds of capacity, and it will fill out again when you are in a pressurized room.
-Core components in the ship are intertwined: you need power to operate the pressurizer controls of the rooms or the fuel terminal, the coolant system affects the reactor as it can enter in meltdown,etc.
-You can listen the fuel pipes to know if they have fuel or not by touching them. Cool detail.
-Electricity will damage you while bypassing the suit condition.
-There are small objects to find like a utility key to use some consoles.

You rent the salvage bay in discrete increments of time. There’s no hard limit on time, but each session in the bay costs you money. If you spend lots of time and you aren’t gathering valuable components with it, you could lose money.

I think @TurinTur is right and they had the timer frozen for demonstration purposes. I had noticed that some shots were clearly from a different session, also. I suspect they were from an older build and the UI has changed.

Oh that’s nice, in part because it’s a ‘soft cap’ mechanic, and in part because it goes well with the setting, a megacorp future where you work to pay your debt.