Hardspace: Shipbreaker, blue collar space sim about salvage

My English failed me. I meant to say doing a Gecko getting all the ‘xp levels’ you can get from one.

Nah man, I’m just a dumb engineer. When I read I tend to take everything literally. I’m a terrible bore on forums.

I feel like I’m missing something really obvious (just got past the tutorial):

My suit says it has 2 red bars and 2 yellow bars, kinda like this image. But I can’t seem to buy a patch kit to fix it at the terminal outside?

What does that mean?

I believe that just means you haven’t upgraded your suit yet.

4 bars is the default number of suit points. The bottom two are colored red as a kind of warning when you get that low.

If that’s your screenshot, then your suit is fine but you’ve taken some health damage. To fix that you gotta end your shift or find a medkit somewhere in the ship, which is semi-rare.

I’ve ended my shift a few times, the bar never goes up, and I can’t buy anything from that menu except oxygen and fuel. I’m really still working on my 2nd ship “real” ship, so I know pretty much nothing at this point.

One of the things that has surprised me the most so far is that I have gotten disoriented a few times, when something I was working on was drifting, or I was trying to pull something out of the interior and wound up moving a whole chunk of the ship. I wound up floating with the chunk and was 90 degrees to where I expected to be rotation wise, and didn’t know if the green bin was up or down.

That’s pretty neat!

Which bar doesn’t go up, HLTH or SUIT?

HLTH should go back to full at the start of every shift, or after you pick up a medkit. Full means the bar is completely filled in.

SUIT should go back to full at the start of every shift, or after you pick up a suit repair kit. Full means 4 bars, plus as many additional bars as you’ve bought through suit upgrades. So “2 red bars and 2 yellow bars” is full suit health after the tutorial before you’ve started upgrading.

I just think it’s silly. I don’t even care too much about the heavy handed idea of evil corps and workers rights. The goofy problem here is why LYNX doesn’t just clone hundreds of the best cutters. They own your DNA. They can make it so two will never meet. I mean they’re evil right?

This employee getting too surly? Suffocate him and make a new one. Hell, you pay for nightly backups. They can pick the version just before he got too wise.

Your a clone. They don’t have to pay you. They just need to make you think you’re getting paid. Which makes it’s even more silly since why not make the clones think they have the best job in the universe. I know this is a rip-off of Moon and we don’t need this to be that but it’s just a huge plot hole for me.

No biggy though. The game play is cool as shit.

The patch kits are for when your suit has taken damage and is leaking O2.

You can also buy a medkit right there for a full heal. You only have to go in the hab to repair equipment and if you crack your helmet and are about to die.

I wrote about that on the steam forums for the game, and was subsequently yelled at and told to like whatever I got.

There are a few places where I’d really like to cut a wall off, and the wall has a cutting level of 1, but I have a hard time opening up a hole with either of the cutting tools. Often, I want to open up a wall around an airlock (after it’s extracted) so I can move internal ship components into the green area. There are two areas where this happens: one is those small structure areas where multiple airlocks meet and there’s a ladder. Another this sort of outer plate/inner tube structure. You can see the narrow airlock at center. What’s the best way to open this up? I had noticed the red triangles, so tried planting demo charges on those, but that didn’t seem to do what I wanted (sometimes with hilarious/unfortunate results.)

This is a Javelin, if that’s helpful.

Those big end pieces like that I end up getting to last - easier to go in and release side panels with cut points.

If I need a hole to move objects to the barge, I usually spot laser a floor where it’s all one panel, so I can open up the entire section without any pieces floating around. I don’t do this with airlock sections because they’re a bunch of different pieces and that’s annoying to slice up.

I notice in the picture there is a fuel reservoir behind. For that situation the are four soft beams running around the end of the tank. Cut points are attached to them securing the tank. I vaporize the soft beams not the cut points. Once done this whole hatch section comes out super easy.

One amazing trick to know about panels:

They are surrounded on four sides by four aluminum beams. You can melt those beans with your stinger (helps to have the heat upgrades). Just burn them for several seconds until they glow and then melt. Then you can extract the panel, radiation unit, doorway, etc.

Knowing this is useful for so many disassemblies. The salvage loss for melting the beams is negligible.

In fact in many situations, such as something dangerous behind a panel, you can just melt the whole panel itself.
Just keep it glowing until it melts, might require you to back off a couple of times before your cutter overheats depending on heat upgrades. If you melt the whole panel like this it disintegrates and doesn’t affect anything around it.

I finished the game today. Overall, I really enjoyed the flow of the game, and would happily pick up DLC if it became available later on. It’s too bad the game feels “over” once you finish act 3, it’s a rare game that didn’t overstay it’s welcome, and I would happily have played another 20 hours on more progression. I am going to leave it installed, because I could see going back to salvage a ship or two once in a while.

What would be really neat would be a sequel that in some ways was a bit like an incremental [in that gameplay might “evolve” to different settings as you progress] - imagine trying to reclaim and terraform a planet (maybe an earth that has been destroyed by war and climate change?) You might start off by harvesting a huge debris belt in space and then instead of being paid, you’d have raw materials to work with to build things - start off with some atmospheric modifiers that might make the air more breathable, or construct giant solar arrays for power / and heat reduction. Then move down to the planet’s surface and start to harvest dead cities and replace them with green space, and slowly introduce animal species.

To be fair, that is a very bourgeois request. Virtual reality, in this economy?

Was written way before the economy slumped.