Harley Quinn - HBO's Best DC Property

And yes, I loved Peacemaker, but no, nothing is nearly as much fun as HQ. Season 1+2 are so incredible I’m floored (and very disappointed in all of you) to find there is no thread for this.

In any case, here is the all new and all incredible trailer for Season 3!

If you have HBO and haven’t watched S1 or S2 yet, please do, it’s well worth your time, as it’s just wonderful fun! If you don’t have HBO, get a trial and binge this in like a weekend, you won’t regret it!

I’Ve meant to watch it but I struggle with a lot of superhero stuff generally. i didn’t particularly like much of the sucide squad stuff (the 2nd one was okish?) but have been enjoying Peacemaker this week…

(watches clip)

oh she’s with poison ivy? didn’t she have poison lips or something? (never kiss 'em on the mouth)

It’s really tonally more like a Rick and Morty than a super hero show, in that it’s more adult oriented and laser focused on being fun/funny rather than telling a good Super Hero tale, if that helps.

(That said, it does tell several good super hero tales!)

I’m going through season 2 of HQ now and it’s wonderful. I can’t decide if King Shark or Bane are my favorites. Probably Bane. He slays me.

They’re both amazing, lol. Just adore this show and I’m eagerly anticipating S3.

I would compare this show to the animated The Tick series, which is (per my handle) one of the highest compliments I can give. It’s goofy, over-the-top, frequently surprising, superhero silliness. The Thor movies wish they could be this much fun.

(Disclaimer, this show is very R-rated, and the punchline to a lot of the jokes is, “… and then someone dies in an extremely gory way.” So know that going in. Oh, and if you don’t like it at first, give it a full episode or so. I absolutely hated the first five minutes of the first episode, until I started vibing with what this show has to offer.)

But this show legit has good character development as well: Harley here is probably the best onscreen Harley there is. The Harley/Birds of Prey movie struggled and failed to deal with the inherent problems with Harley being a main character (namely that she is literally defined by the Joker) but this series tackles that head-on, and does a great job.

An excellent comparison and indeed a high compliment!

It starts out just a weird, violent, crude… thing, but it ends up being an actually good story about actual interesting characters. Weird!

The voice acting on this show is top notch. I’m really looking forward to watching season 3, the show is a surprisingly good.

Yay! Super psyched for season 3, this is one of my favorite shows.

Everyone can point to life altering entertainment events in their lifetime. A time when you thought, “This – THIS is what my entertainment life has been missing!” Some that come to mind:

1983 – Playing the Atari 2600 for the first time at a friend’s house
1984 – Asking for an Atari 2600 for Christmas – getting a dog (who my parents named Atari) instead
1988 – Picking up a book at the Library because I liked the cover – Frank Herbert’s Dune
1990 – Listening to the Stone Roses for the first time
1999 – Trying this Everquest game I had heard about
2022 – Watching Harley Quinn on HBO Max

It is so darn good. Bane steals every scene.

I unabashedly love this stupid thing and am extremely pleased that it got a 3rd season.

Also, Ron Funches’ King Shark is the best character in any comic book property ever.

He so does.

This is why it’s so hard for me to choose between them. Any scene either is in is just golden.

You’re not wrong, but it’s the delivery on things like this that gets me:

HAhahahaha dying

I’m really enjoying this, kinda feels a bit Venture Bros at times but a bit OTT on swearing and gore (mixed feelings on that frankly. I don’t mind either but sometimes it falls a little flat? overused at times? loved the scene with Harls and Ivy dumping toxic waste on some suits tho). Venture Bros is a personal fave, so that’s high praise from me, and I’m pleased to see a couple of kickass female leads here (VB sorely lacked female representation a lot of the time, though Dr.Mrs. The Monarch was queen supreme).

Is King Shark supposed to be the same shark as in the film? Different universes or whatever? I don’t know much about any comic lore in these things and sometimes this sort of thing comes across as a bit too inside-joke over my head. That can be frustrating sometimes. =(

Same shark, very different character if that makes sense. Canonically, King Shark was treated as a pure brute who slaughters all in his path, gradually growing a bit more talkative and thoughtful as the years progressed. The show making him their IT guy with a rather verbose characterization is playing around with convention for kicks and giggles, and he really nails it.

Thanks to this thread I binged season 1 and am already in love. Thanks for posting about it. On to season 2!

I finished season 2 today and I gotta say it’s about the most I’ve enjoyed and felt connected to any of the DC stuff, flippant as it may well have been at times. Really looking forward to S3.

Thanks @Scotch_Lufkin!

You’re very welcome, I’m glad to get the word out - it’s such a gem of a show. I would have skipped it myself entirely but my son insisted I check it out, as he was (at the time) just wrapping up season 1. He was right to keep harping at me - I eventually gave in and of course, loved it.