Having to ration Clorox wipes - need advice

Before the world blew up, Clorox wipes were some of my best friends. I’d use a container every 2 weeks just to keep things sterile enough to stay healthy. But now, like everyone, I need to use them for everything. I didn’t stock up before my hospital stay because I didn’t think our stupid government would let things get this bad. I have:

  • 1/4 container of Lysol wipes
  • 1.5 bottles of isopropyl alcohol (70%)
  • 1 bottle of Fantastic bathroom spray (foaming that leaves residue on everything)
  • 1 bottle Lysol hydrogen peroxide cleaning spray (also foamy)
  • 10 rolls of cheap paper towel.

I wasn’t thinking when tomatoes were dropped off and sprayed them with Fantastic and rinsed, which ruined them. So then I thought I might make a dilute solution of isopropyl alcohol to spray food and food boxes which could have been handled by others, but then I thought I’d read you had to use 70% solution to kill the virus? Since Fantastic and Lysol sprays need to stay on undisturbed for 10 minutes that kind of makes them not good candidates for boxes food items or bags of chips and stuff. No one has any of the things I need in stock, and no way to know if they’re be available. I could really use some ideas.

Get the cheapest bottle of 151 rum you can find. Use it full strength.

Here is an article on the FDA: website:


Have to scroll to read what they have to say dated March 17th (I would summarize it as clean everything the way you normally do - so not much). But they are saying in other things I have watched that soap and water kills it (destroys the lipid like membrane) scrubbing for 20 seconds so I would imagine that would work on food. I would try to do more research before using something that might hurt you.

I just want to clarify. That wasn’t a joke. 151 rum is 75% alcohol. And cheaper than hand sanitizer. It is also food safe.

Smells better too.

Why not go Everclear, which is 190 proof. Stuff shouldn’t even be legal.

Or just rinse food in soapy water, which will also work. Overkill for most people but certainly not for you.

If I see any stock open up somewhere, will be sure to link!

Shit is expensive. Which is why I suggested the cheap stuff.

Yeah, don’t dilute alcohol below 60% or it isn’t useful as antiseptic.

But if you can get bottled bleach (sodium hypochlorite) you can dilute it to make a lot of spray solution. 4 tablespoons in a quart of water or something? Look it up to be sure.

Here is the govt official list of sanitizing products to use.

What will pure white vinegar do? We’ve been using that for light cleaning duty for years.

Not effective that I have heard? Unlikely? Untested?

If you want to try your hand at home-made hand sanitizer, here is one man’s journey (with directions and advice):

I imagine at least some of the ingredients may have been devoured by horde of locusts that is our fellow citizens :(

If you have soap and water, use soap and water.

I think the normal use case of artisan sanitizer would be “not near a sink, with soap at hand”.

Thanks, see I have no idea why I didn’t even think about just using soapy water for fresh vegetables. This is just another reason why QT3 is so great.

I’ve washed produce in soapy water for years…started with risks with melons and moved on from there. No worries about not knowing though. My parents never washed them. I picked it up solo.

I found this video super helpful. I’m not nearly this diligent or frankly concerned about getting the virus. The guy is a MD.

Wow! He’s from where I live. How cool!

Wow, Guy Fieri is a doctor? What can’t he do?