Hawkeye on Disney+, bro!

November 24.

You could’ve had Bro in the title. It was right there.

Also, where’s Lucky?

Lucky is in the trailer, bro. Title fixed.

So this is the Fraction storyline? Bro.

Blink and you’ll miss him. Thanks bro. :D

It’s obviously inspired by it, but I don’t think anyone should pin their hopes on it being exactly that. Marvel borrows what they want from the comics but adapts and changes liberally.

I’m optimistic overall but not expecting a direct adaptation of that comic.

Although it would be bold if each episode aired at a random date, with increasingly more time between them…

So based on that trailer (& imdb) I guess his wife doesn’t show up? Thats surprising… Perhaps she’s dead?

Doubt they’d do that, probably just not the focus of the series at all, since it appears to drink very heavily from the Fraction run, and we know there’s a few other super people that are in it.


Getting Die Hard vibes from this. Probably the christmas music! And Clint’s fuck it attitude.

Looks strong, I’m in!

Whats with the bros?

And regarding my earlier question:

If the mom is still alive, it seems odd that at the dinner table the daughter says: “this is the first Christmas we’ve had together in years” and there’s no mom? Perhaps they are just divorced…

Looks like it lands on the night before Thanksgiving, too, bro.

Okay, that looks like fun.

That is a great trailer!

I’ll be interested to see how they tie Echo in with this. Looks like deaf actress Alaqua Cox has been tapped to portray her, and Fargo’s Zahn McClarnon will play her father. Echo I think was the original Ronin in the comics and it would have been neat to see the Daredevil Netflix show tied to the MCU through her.

K, I loved that trailer. Totally on board.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying, but I assume she’s referring to the fact that they all disappeared in the Blip, and so Hawkeye has effectively lived through at least five Christmases without his family.

I’m so there for this. I’m sure they aren’t adapting the Fraction run 1:1, but there are certainly a lot of iconic moments and characters from that series represented in the trailer.

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop - Perfect!

Regarding Clint’s wife, I think the more mundane truth is that Linda Cardellini was less available than the three kids, and there’ll just be some contrived in-universe reason why she wasn’t available. Since I’m guessing this will be Jeremy Renner’s last stint as Hawkeye, I bet they will let him ride off into the sunset with his happy and intact family, and Kate Bishop will be our new Hawkeye going forward.

Nevermind… Its not a big deal. Just found it odd, though I’m sure they will explain the circumstances in the show.