Help find me an RPG from the mid 80s

Shogun. What a weird game that one was!

The CRPG Addict did a whole writeup on it. He wasn’t a fan. I always found the box art intriguing but never played it.

Looks like it never came out on Apple II, so… I have no idea how I played this.

I wonder if it was on a demo at some store. I must have gotten to fiddle with it for an hour or so, because it really ingrained itself.

That doesn’t look like a VT100 terminal…

The alphabet is so life-like.

UPPS: United Parcel Prisoner Services.

It’s “Dungeon,” of course, the original version of Zork, in case ppl were curious

“Dungeon” is the name of the game but you’re not in a dungeon at the beginning

Castle of the Winds (Moby Games) came to mind based on your original post. Dude with a sword navigating exits. However, it doesn’t fit the bill since it was available on Windows and does scroll.

It couldn’t be one of the Stuart Smith games before Adventure Construction Set?

Return of Heracles


Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves


Has @newbrof said it’s not Sword of Fargoal?

it looks too blocky… and there was no hidden stuff to uncover

I was thinking Adventure Construction Set but didn’t recall potion use so I said nothing. I loved that game on my C64!

something like this, but I don’t know if adventure construction set came with ready to play adventures. And the background was not black

The Amiga version of the game had color backgrounds, and came with two pre-made adventures.

while we are here. There is another game I would like to find. I have more details. It is like some horror castle with Frankenstein monsters as main enemies, and there were electrical switches you could pull. It was a puzzle-like game (like loderunner)… also on C64. Any names?

I think it might be Dark Castle:

not enough Frankenstein monsters… and I miss the electric switches. Also it was more black background…

I am 100% it is Castles of Doctor Creep (the name also triggers memories)

recognized it immediately. It looks still good

Dr Creep is a classic. Also one of the best show off games for the SID chip.

the UI was something like this in Warlock, and the font etc… but the levels just don’t look like it