help me pick a free Apple gadget

I did a thing at work, and now I get to pick from a list of gifts from the Apple website.

  • Apple Watch, series 3 (but I don’t wear a watch and don’t have an iPhone or any other Apple products to interface with it)
  • Beats Studio Buds noise-cancelling wireless earbuds (but I prefer over-ear headphones and have several good pairs, though none are noise-cancelling)
  • Apple TV 4K, generation 2 (I have a Roku)
  • Apple iPod Touch, 7th generation (I have a very nice DAP and a very nice Chromebook/tablet and don’t watch movies on teeny screens)
  • Beats Pill+ wireless speaker thing (don’t want)

Is there any point to owning an Apple Watch if you don’t have an iPhone or Mac?

Plenty of Amazon reviewers seem to have and use multiple streaming devices, but what exactly do they get out of that? Aren’t the channels more or less the same across devices?

Does the iPod Touch have any uses other than music and video playback?

You do get 3 months of free TV+ with the Apple TV if you have a second TV.

Watch is great solo if it’s the cellular version. Series 3 is pretty old, though.

Of those, I’d go w/ the Apple TV, personally. Play with it and see if you prefer it to the Roku. If not, reset to factory settings, slap it back in the box and give it to someone else.

How’s the Apple TV as a music streamer, meaning playing FLAC files from my network?

Good question. I don’t really know, as that’s not something I use mine for. I’ve played movies and music from an iTunes library on a mac elsewhere in the house and it worked great, but that’s a bit different. Apple Music stuff also works great, of course, but that’s totally not what you’re looking for, it sounds like.

We use ours mainly for streaming services these days. We also have a fairly large collection of movies via iTunes, so the Apple TV is a natural fit for us in that regard.

I’d go with the watch. But I really want the watch, personally. Ignore me. :)

Why do you want the watch? What would you do with it?

Uh… have sex with it?

I doubt the strap is even long enough to fasten around me.

But I genuinely don’t understand the point of smart watches. It seems like they’re mostly a way to look at your phone without looking at your phone. But why is that good?

It’s not a belt, dude. it’s a watch. :)

I’m talking about having sex with it. You’re the one who brought it up!

Actually, the vibrate function would then make more sense. Hmmmmmm

The Apple Watches on offer are denoted as GPS. Does that mean cellular, or not cellular?

Neither, they all have GPS. The crown’s top will be completely red if it’s cellular.

Smart watches are good for fitness, those times you don’t have your phone close by, and info at a glance. Fitness mostly though.

Oh, I see. Thanks!

You would need a computer with iTunes running to do it. I used to do it with MP3s/ACC and it works well. No idea on FLAC.

I would say none of the above is great for you. Use it as a free gift for someone else. Apple stuff works well if you are at least sort of in the garden and you aren’t. The Beats stuff will work well with Android though, if you can find a use.

If they are the new Beats buds, they supposedly work well outside of the Apple ecosystem. Everything else probably works much better if you have some Apple stuff. No way would I get an AW without an iPhone.

Of those, I’d go with the Apple TV—it should be great at streaming anything from your network—or the Apple Watch, but only if you want to try to sell it on Craigslist or something. Should pull in $150 or so from someone who has an iPhone. (But it’s not usable without one.)

I don’t think this is true that you’re locked into running a computer with iTunes. Just a matter of what app to use. For example, if he has Plex, he should be able to stream FLAC to an Apple TV.

Now that you mention it I think I did stream to it from my DiskStation, but it wasn’t a smooth experience. Never tried Plex, but you’re right, that would work.

Plex is what I use on my DiskStation to stream all my content to my devices!

I used the DiskStation music app…

This was like 7-8 years ago.