Hero Academy - Tournament of May

We have begun!

Please challenge the player below you in the list to a Random game, and then take only three turns when the game starts.

[B]Round 1 - The Clerics[/B]
ox Funkula (Funkula)
ox Mark Weston (MarkWeston)
oo Diddums (Diddums)
xx Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps) - ousted!
oo bishop (Rich76)
x. Xemu (Xemu)
.. roBurky (roBurky)
.. deForrestation (deForrestation)
x. ducker (ducker)


Q: What’s the move limit on the first turn?
A: The player who makes the challenge should only take three turns.

Q: What if no one loses both games?
A: Survival of the fittest! The player(s) with the worst cumulative win/loss ratio will be ousted.

Q: Can I use any team I want to when I challenge?
A: No. You must choose the Random team option.

Q: How does the tournament end?
A: When two people remain, they play each other in a best-of-three finals.

Q: I want to play but I missed the deadline! What should I do?
A: Most likely you should cry.

I’m in! Certainly my working on the game has not made me any better at it. :)

I’m in. I lost interest in the previous league due to the need to run tons of games simultaneously as well as uncertainty over who was currently eligible for challenge, but this sounds like it’ll resolve both issues nicely.

What will the rules be regarding who challenges who, and how many moves they take? Personally, I think 4 moves for start player is good, and maybe say that everyone challenges the person above them to standardize?

In Ascension, we’ve been challenging the person below, but it works out the same, of course! And I like the four move opening rule, too.

I’m in!

I think I prefer a three-move opening turn, though.

They’ve included that option somehow in the latest patch, haven’t they? So I bet they studied the problem, too. Three turns is fine by me!

Throw me in the hat Dave, I thank you for your infinite help as always!

I suppose one would need to have all races unlocked to participate?

I wouldn’t think so RR, even if you don’t own all the expansions yourself, I’m pretty sure you will still be able to play versus any team your opponent fields.

Right! You don’t need all of the expansions.

[B]Round 1 - The Clerics[/B]
.. Funkula (Funkula)
.. Mark Weston (MarkWeston)
.. Diddums (Diddums)
.. Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)
.. bishop (Rich76)
.. Xemu (Xemu)
.. roBurky (roBurky)
.. deForrestation (deForrestation)
.. ducker (ducker)

Round 1 begins!

Create a game with the player below you in the list (ducker challenges Funkula). Choose a team at random. First player moves three times.

Challenge issued to bishop! I got Elves, and the board is like I’ve never seen. The crystals are surrounded by VINES or something!

Challenge issued to Diddums. Hmm, Dwarves again.

Diddums, going first and playing Elves, defeats Ananab Tilps (Council). On behalf of the three clerics now plying their trade in Dark Elf hospitals, I wish to thank General Perkins for avoiding unnecessary bloodshed.

Your wraith beckoned them to their new work with persuasive tongue.

I never did draw a single one of my scrolls. Boo! Plus I am extremely impatient. Not a good combo.

Very well played, and I learned a lot.

Really? That’s a rough, rough draw. I noticed you hadn’t scrolled or fireballed, but I assumed that you were saving them for the big guy. That’s why I kept him out of harm’s way until all the archers were dead.

Idle musings: it would be nice to be able to use 3 moves to receive a tile of your choice during the swap. Or should it be all five moves? This would of course really benefit the dwarves.

It was a rough draw, and I know I should have holed up and played it super safe. Learned!

Are any other games going aside from me/bishop and Mark/Diddums? Let us know when you’ve placed a challenge, brothers.

I issued my challenge to def on Saturday, but he hasn’t taken his first turn yet.

I issued a challenge to Xemu and drew Dwarves.

issued challenged to Funkula - I drew Council.