Heroes of Might & Magic 5 for cheap?

I know a few people on here seem to be interested in the HOMM games so I thought I’d link this. This is a link going to Amazon that seems to be selling the game HOMM5 for $20US instead of the usual $50US. It was posted on one of the deal finder sites.

Amazon Link

Hmm, that sales tax was new. Joy.

Cheeseheads love HOMM!

“Popular in: Green Bay, WI (#20) , Colorado (#7)”

What the hey, never preordered from Amazon before, but the price was right…

Thanks for the heads up!!

I expect these orders to be cancelled, but it’s worth the chance here… ordered!


Because it’s obviously far cheaper than it’s intended to be. Nobody in their right mind would purposefully sell a $50 game for $20 on preorder. It’s a mistake.

Cheap-ass gamer and Frugal Gamer have mentioned this, and posters there have said that sometimes these uberdeals at amazon are cancelled because they’re mistakes. But then again, sometimes these crazy preorder deals go through.

Yeah, they’ve done this before with pre-orders. Wrong price and then we will all get emails cancelling, but it’s worth a shot.

I cannot wait!!!

I am gonna replay HoMM IV over the next few weeks and enjoy it whether you all want me to or not.

Well, it says it’s a sale. So they know the correct price. Are you saying it is more of a sale than they intended?

Not at Amazon.ca at all, but the release date just reminded me that HoMMV is coming along at about the same time as Oblivion. Difficulties, difficulties.

Well if its a price mistake, I won’t feel too bad about canceling my order since I just realized its one of the games that is using Starforce protection. I make it a point usually to avoid any Starforce protected games. Though if the reviews are really favorable after release , I probably will suck up my pride about buying a Starforce game and end up getting it when Gogamer does one of their specials.

It also brings me joy though to see it is #1 selling in video games and electronics at Amazon. It was rank at #119 yesterday in video games and #400 in electronics section.

Looks like the word is out:

Amazon.com Sales Rank:
Today: #1 in Computer & Video Games, #1 in Electronics
Yesterday: #119 in Computer & Video Games, #400 in Electronics

Edit: Bah! Beat to it by a “Goodluck!!” :O

I ordered one as soon as I heard about this. I hope it sticks.

Tell Nival and Amazon to stop and wait for a bit. I’m not yet done playing HOMM 3.

How come I can’t play those campaigns on a difficulty above “easy” btw? Was this a common problem back in the day?

Yeah, what the hell. If theres a chance I can get my most anticipated pc game this year at $20, then I’m gonna go for it.

It’s been a while, but I believe the campaigns increased in difficulty as you moved along to the later campaigns. So the easy ones were the early campaigns and as the story progressed they became more difficult.

Could be remembering it wrong, though. It’s been a loooong while since HoMM3.

It’s actually from Target, not Amazon.

And it’s $19.99 on Target’s page, too.

Sounds too good to be true.

Yes, the variable difficulty for campaigns was introduced in SoD, IIRC, mainly for player made campaigns. The original RoE and AB campaigns were as you suggest.

Yeah,plus they list the $50 price, slash thru it, and say $30(60%) off. Pretty hard ,IMO, to scream “Mistake”,much easier to scream bait and switch if they try to renege…