Heroes Season 3

I dunno how many people are still going to follow the show after the ho-hum second season, but I thought I’d kick off the new season thread since they’re going to start showing webisodes starting July 14th. Here’s a trailer for this miniseries thing, called Going Postal.

On July 14th, Heroes unleashes its first ever web series, “Going Postal.” The trilogy of online-only videos introduces us to Echo De Mille, a seemingly ordinary mailman with an extraordinary ability.

The three-part series is written and directed by the same creative team behind the award-winning TV show. Part one, “A Nifty Trick,” premieres Monday, July 14th, with new episodes rolling out on subsequent Mondays. Visitors to this year’s Comic Con, will get a sneak peak at the epic conclusion at the Heroes panel on Saturday, July 26th.


I’ll certainly still give it a shot; I stuck with worse (BSG) for longer!

Why have black television characters suddenly started to be named Echo? Especially when Lost, which is often compared to Heroes, had a major black character named Echo?

Anyways, what’s the deal with Heroes: Villains? Is that the name of the 3rd season, or is it some sort of spinoff?

It’s the name of the 3rd season, just like S2 was called “Origins.”

Heroes: Villains? So they nerfed tanks to prepare for it?

Even in its worst moments BSG never got close to the bottom that Heroes touched on a regular basis in season 2.

That’s debatable, but wasn’t my point.

Well, I’m watching. Granted Season 2 was not as strong, but still far better than many of our other choices. [cough] Bionic Woman [cough]

I will be watching and looking forward to it as well :)

I’ll watch, but they need to drop the stupid romantic plots and go back to hero on hero action…of the fighting variety. Hopefully, they have learned that that’s the reason people started to watch in the first place.

And get a bigger special effects budget.

And kill flyboy.

And kill mexican chick. In fact, just pretend that entire plot line never existed.

Gaaaah, besides

british healer guy getting buried alive
end spoiler

season two was such a disaster.

Between season 2 and the Writer’s Strike, my interest in Heroes plummeted to the point where the only time I give the series any thought is when some stupid gossip shit about Milo/Hayden shows up in People/Us/OK/whatever and I glimpse them on the cover while I’m checking out at the grocery store.

Having said that, DVRs lower the barrier of effort required when scouting out new shows or new seasons of shows I no longer care about, so I’ll check out a few episodes of season 3 when it airs… but I’m not at all excited for it at this very moment.

Heroes S1 was awesome. Heroes S2 was so bad, I have no excitement at all about S3. I’ll probably record it and watch at a later date.

Heroes S3 has about two episodes to prove to me it’s not total crap.

If they were hoping to lower our expectations, they’ve done an excellent job.

I agree. Two eps. That’s it. No more.

I don’t really watch Heroes (I’ve seen a couple of episodes, and I’ve heard my coworkers going on about it), but they might get me to watch by adding the Greatest American Hero:

(warning, potential spoilers)

It’s a shame that he won’t have any abilities, but it’s a neat cameo.

Yay! Another side character to take up screentime so they don’t actually advance the plot of the main characters.

Just what I always wanted!

A-MEN. I was very tolerant of that whole storyline, but holy crap was it worthless.

Turns out she could use her power to murder a whole show.

I’m optimistic because I like to blame season 2 squarely on the writers strike.