Hey guys, I need help identifying a movie

This will be vague because I can barely remember it. I think it was made in the 80’s, it was an independent arthousey movie. I’m almost sure it was black & white as well. I want to say the sets were very stylized, kinda cartoony. The people might have been caricatures and it may have been a musical.

What I know for a fact is there was some kind of alternate dimension/underworld kind of thing the main characters went to and there was a lot of sex.

I know that’s not a lot to go on but that’s all I can remember, except for certain scenes. I remember a school scene early in the movie and a fight in a jail toward the end.

It’s one of those things that either I was a high and hallucinated the whole damn thing or I watched a trippy movie.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like Cool World.

Forbidden Zone

www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOhncfDJum8 -

Yep, that’s it. Thanks.

I’m sorry Bob. I know I was vague but what I posted sounds absolutely nothing like Cool World.

Well I just assumed you were retarded. But it’s a pretty short leap from “cartoony” to animated, and the alternate dimension with lots of sex fits perfectly.

Are you sure it’s Forbidden Zone? Could it be Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus instead?


I think “absolutely nothing” is an overstatement. My first thought when I read your description was “Hrm…sort of not quite sounds like Cool World.”

At least we got the Dilbert theme song out of this.

And an ad for Tom Cruise’s official site. Why don’t I get ads for sites with chicks, too? Life is unfair!

This reminds me that I’ve been searching for a film too and would like to find it.

It’s about a teenaged girl on summer vacation with her mother and brother in the countryside. She begins to see a much older man and everyone forbids the relationship. It turns out in the end that she just made him up, he doesn’t exist but everyone, including the viewer was fooled. Extremely similar to the 6th Sense shocker and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is where Shamalalalaa got his idea(especially since his other films were much poorer).

other things I recall:

-It’s from the mid or early 90’s
-it may be a short film, perhaps 45 min
-it was subtitled, I think it’s an Italian film
-at the end her mother orders a medical exam on her and find she’s still virgin
-I think in the last scene the older man and girl are talking and his last words are “…that’s why you made me up” and then he vanishes.

thanks for the help

Hey, I’ve got an ad for the Paul Blart: Mall Cop DVD. All things considered, I’d prefer Cruise.

Wasn’t “Cool World” in color, too?

Ok, well it seems I’ve stumped everybody with that one, so how about this one?:It’s much like Capt Corelli’s Mandolin but I think it’s either an Italian or Greek film, maybe French or any combination of the three.

Y’know, an English-language forum is probably not the best place to be asking these questions.

Mediterraneo? Total shot in the dark, as I’ve never actually seen Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, but it’s the only soldiers-on-a-Greek-island movie I can think of.

is it Mermaids? Cos that bit where it turns out that the girl is a virgin happens in Mermaids.

Mediterraneo, that is it! Tanks a mil. I can’t wait to see it again after so long, I wonder how it will compare to memory.

Running through my head last night was a scene from a movie, a comedy from (maybe) the 2000s. It’s a common character actor, a man with light blond/brown hair, white, middle aged. There’s something going on in the movie where his character is getting progressively sicker. The protagonist knows why, and in the scene the guy does something like either casually pull out a tooth or peel off an entire eyebrow while the protagonist looks on in knowing horror behind him. I can’t recall whether the protagonist is a man or woman but I lean towards man. (Bold for the thing I pretty strongly remember)

The actor in question kinda looks like a more average Aaron Eckhart, without the strong chin dimple and with more “suburb dad” hair. Over the course of the movie, which feels like “protagonist against family of weirdos” he goes from minor ills to finally losing his hair, teeth falling out, etc. He’s married, I’m pretty sure, and the wife doesn’t seem to care.

Vague, I know, but that’s what you get at 2am.

I believe that was the excellent Dylan Baker in the very NOT excellent (IMO) film “Delirious” from 1991, starring John Candy.

If I recall, his character was slowly succumbing to radiation poisoning.