Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


I’m getting it on Firefox, Windows 7:

When I click the “112/112”:


Make your browser a bit wider. Remember the hoi polloi here wanted a “wider” layout so it’s pushed wider than it normally is in a typical Discourse layout.



What is your browser width in those screenshots?


I think it’s around 1300px but that doesn’t really matter because the navigation tab is there at whatever width I use.

It’s the height that makes it disappear. My problem is that if I ever click the “703/704” navigation tab I get the full width scroll bar instead of the handy pop out box that allowed you to navigate to specific posts. It appears to be the same on mobile. This little box:

That’s gone, basically.


This may have been asked already but how does Discourse figure out where to resume your position when returning to a thread?

I’m on safari and on my iPhone it doesn’t seem to work. I click on a thread and it can put me days or weeks back. I scroll down to where I really want to be and if I visit the thread again it puts me back up the page again. A bit annoying.


What iPhone model, and what browser? Only the official default browser (Mobile Safari) is technically supported.


iPhone SE. Safari.


Yeah. Others get the issue here too. I get it on Chrome on Android 6.0.1 too.

For some reason, Discourse doesn’t always refresh last read positions on mobile. It does seem to save them. So more something to do with the push pull mechanisms which notifies the browser if the new last read.

In any case, you can generally work around it by forcing a refresh of the page before opening a thread (pull down on android). But it’s slower than if it worked seamlessly, obviously.



Are these on the “enormous” 10k+ topics? Any particular patterns here? I can’t repro this.

The small blue dots to the right of the time will disappear as the system understands you have read things. Not sure they’re visible on mobile, though.


Nope. Happened to me on the MacBook bore event thread this morning, for instance. That’s only got about 110 posts.

One thought: when it happens on mobile, might it be due to a moment when the phone is slow on getting a last position reply from the server (either poor signal, or busy showing from 3G to WiFi or vice versa), gives up and just goes to its last known position?

Mind you, I’ve seen it happen at home too. But it seems the former case might be a trigger for some of the issues?

The same also happens sometimes with refreshing the Latest list of threads. That seems inconsistent on mobile, even on a solid WiFi connection and often requires a manual refresh.



Any word on the full width scrollbar and the disappearing navigation box?


If you have a sketched out mobile connection any number of things are possible, for sure.


I don’t think that’s the issue. I think Discourse loses state when a link opens another tab, or something like that. It happens all the time to me, on an iPhone 6s, with reliable wireless.


Another tab on mobile? OK, that’s good info, what’s the repro steps?


I haven’t tried to repro specifically but will try later tonight.


Hey, on Discourse, on mobile, how do I filter a thread down to a person’s posts? I know I can do it on desktop. But on Android chrome clicking a username or avatar just takes me to their user page.


Hmm, I don’t know if there’s a direct analog for that on mobile at the moment.


Mobile has been a real… adventure for me lately. Threads refusing to accept that I’ve read everything unless I linger for an abnormally long time at the bottom and leaving a grey number otherwise. Occasionally I’ll scroll to the end and the last post will disappear when I’m scrolled all the way down, only to reappear if I scroll up a little bit. If these happen in tandem, I can never get a thread to accept that I’ve read the whole thing.


Hmm, any unusual preferences? Lots of mutes or category mutes? I went ahead and updated to latest here just in case.


Yep. That’s becoming more and more common for me too. The refresh of the latest screen and of thread position seem to have become less reliable over time, even over wi-fi.

@wumpus: I have maybe 10-20 threads on the muted setting. No muted categories.

As mentioned above, I’ve resorted to having to manually refresh the page nearly constantly, like I would have to do on the old forum.