High on Life (Rick and Morty universe)

Nobody watched “To Kill a Mockingbird” with dude’s girlfriend in the first The Darkness game? Ok, I didn’t either, but I guess we could have.

And finished. Funny how some of my favourite things about the game are the more “serious” ones, like the relationship with the sister, her bickering and eventual friendship with Gene, the “High on Life” name being both metaphorical and literal, the revelation of what Kenny did and the ending twist (which was predictable, but whatever).

Humor relied too much on simple cussing and Roiland’s manner of speech does get somewhat grating at times (particularly when even some characters other than Kenny speak that way), but there were some hilarious moments, even toilet humor based ones (like the one with literal megatoilet being used). The fourth wall breaking/nonbreaking, like when one of the bosses asks me how many hours I have in Fortnite and Minecraft, to conclude I must have at least 90 hours in rocket league…also referencing the awesome Psycho Mantis battle in MGS1…

Also, red letter media being in the game commenting on some random movie was a hilarious surprise.

Gameplay was pretty good throughout, well paced with unlocking new weapons and gadgets, great graphics. Loved how each gun had their own personality and was fully voiced, so you can play the game with one gun and get their dialogue, then play it again holding another gun and their dialogue will be suited to its personality (and Sweezy was just awesome, plus I like Smoove since Curb your Enthusiasm). There are even some cool secrets based on which gun you use, e.g. being able to discover boss Douglas’s identity beforehand.

Also enjoyed the “elevator music” kind of chill soundtrack. Anyway, if there is a sequel, I will be there for it. Even if I hope the lame swear-word based humor gets toned down. And give me even more RPG elements, more interactive dialogue.

By the way, in the article in OP, Roiland said they had included 4 full movies in the game for people to watch, and only one of them had been mentioned in the thread so far, so I got curious and looked up what they were. I’ll behind a click in case you want to be surprised.

Movies in High on Life
  • Tammy and the T-Rex (1994)
  • Vampire Hookers (1976)
  • Blood Harvest (1987)
  • Demon Wind (1990)

Do the Red Letter Media guys provide commentary for all of them?

Apparently only for the last of the four on my list.

I ran into that tonight and just cracked up. Been avoiding spoilers and that was just a joyous moment. If I hadn’t had to work tomorrow I’d have just listened to the whole thing.

I did. I also tried to watch the movie in this and it never resumed after the commercial, it started over

If you do a mission and come back, it starts. Unfortunately, you have to watch the second half before you get the jet pack,, at which point it moves on to another movie. So I’ll have to just wonder how the whole T-Rex brain transfer worked…

weird, I left and came back and it started over for me

Well it’s a ridiculous movie, so that seems appropriate.

I’m finding the game to have a very unique feel. The art, the sounds, the sense of place, it’s like nothing I’ve ever played before. On the other hand, the gameplay feels very familiar. Shooting things, trying to search off the beaten track for little bonus money, boss fights, etc.

It feels a bit surreal. I’m not sure how to express it exactly. I guess the watching of a movie within the game adds to that feeling of surrealness, like I’m plugging into some kind of VR world, like the one you start the game in, except this is me doing it, not my character.


Gone from Squanch and from Rick & Morty.

High on Life was a lot of fun; hopefully Squanch can go on and do more fun stuff, and without a grating screaming vocal track to boot. (I enjoyed the game, but Kenny basically sounds like Morty and that gets really old after all those hours…)

I’ve been playing this on and off the last few days, and what’s the deal with “glob shot” aiming for the puzzles? It seems to shoot way over the thing you’re trying to hit.

Doesn’t it show you an arc for where it’s going to fly…? From memory.

Not that I can see. Am I supposed to hold down the right bumper or whatever to see that?

Think I misremembered. This helpful?

Yea, hold the button down and it’ll show an arc of where it will go.

I finished this one up yesterday and had a really good time with it, it was better than I expected. I half suspected this would be a trifle, just a vehicle for Roiland’s sense of humor. And it’s got a ton of that - somehow I’m carrying a gallon of alien, uh, jizz that some back alley trench coat wearing dude conned me into. But there’s a pretty solid game under the hood too, with lots of interesting locations and opportunities for exploration. It’s on the small side, kind of the way The Outer Worlds was a bite-size Fallout kind of game, but i appreciated that. Get in, do your thing, get out. They don’t all need to be epics.