High on Life (Rick and Morty universe)

Think I misremembered. This helpful?

Yea, hold the button down and it’ll show an arc of where it will go.

I finished this one up yesterday and had a really good time with it, it was better than I expected. I half suspected this would be a trifle, just a vehicle for Roiland’s sense of humor. And it’s got a ton of that - somehow I’m carrying a gallon of alien, uh, jizz that some back alley trench coat wearing dude conned me into. But there’s a pretty solid game under the hood too, with lots of interesting locations and opportunities for exploration. It’s on the small side, kind of the way The Outer Worlds was a bite-size Fallout kind of game, but i appreciated that. Get in, do your thing, get out. They don’t all need to be epics.


discussion here a few days ago. tl;dr he’s purposefully conflating domestic abuse and his creeeeeeepy grooming