Holy cats it's SECRET SANTA 2017 (11th ANNUAL)


gives a slight nod to indicate possible agreement but could also be falling asleep

begins the first of the requisite three goodbyes


Yeah, they are. I’ll fix it. Thank you!


Dear @mjgreeny75,

Your Santa would like you to know that your gift is on its way!



To all sneaky sneaksters:

I received a package which I almost opened before I realized what I was looking at. So, in case whoever you are is interested, the package is received.


Man this year’s is hard. I’m snooping his or her post history and he or she mostly posts things like this:

“I picked up this thing/game/item, here are my thoughts on it.”

“I pretty much buy anything I like or might like.”

Lol. Dammit, I’m going to have to be creative!


Yeah I have nothing to go on either


Have you checked if they have any posts in a previous Secret Santa thread? That’s what I used last year to find out about my Santee.


I could use a new car.


Stalking works, at least I hope mine did. Found a nugget deeeeeep in post history =)


Yeah, it’s kinda funny. I see a one off comment and am like “ah ha”! Of course this makes me think of the one off comments I’ve made.


You know what’s something I’d never ask for and no one would get me, and I wouldn’t buy myself, but I kinda need? A cool ashtray for my cigars. Not sure what type, just would be an interesting gift. Do they even still make ashtrays?


Wow, that’s fast! Better get a Christmas tree up and ready so I can put it under there when it arrives :-)!


Stalking is hard! At least I am an easy one to stalk… Oh wait, I’m not that prolific a poster and usually just post about what I bought, how cool it is or not.


Santa, reach out to @fire if I am difficult. I have a kindle and enjoy good books.


Oh geez, lol. False alarm!

What I thought was my gift was actually the new battery for the Nexus 6p which @claybob was kind enough to send to me last week after his failed battery replacement. Thanks, @claybob!

Oh, and he also send the phone that he failed with. Which is like research into exactly how I am going to mess up fixing my own phone!

But really, it’s like a gadget repair nerds wildest dreams. I now have a test phone to perform battery surgery on. I get to try a dry run. I get to see the x-rays before doing the operation. Awesome! Thanks again!

Just to be clear, I’m like 90% sure this wasn’t a sneaky backdoor secret santa gift. If it was then I will sneakily delete this message some of you are witness to.


I had to get that object of broken dreams away from me!! :’(
I thought I might as well send the whole phone. Maybe you can swap out the part to bump your 6P up to 128 GB.


Dear @Jason_McMaster,

Your Secret Santa wishes for you to know that the first part of your present is on its way, due to arrive sometime soon.



Oh wow


Dear @Hiredgoons,

Your Secret Santa would like me to tell you that a package will arrive (possibly hand-delivered by Jeff Bezos and/or dropped by drone, YMMV, maybe it’s just an Amazon box). You may open the box but please note one item inside is not wrapped.



My wife suggested that I put an electric upright bass on my wish list because who knows! So I am. I played one when I bought a new bass guitar in October, and it’s soooooo cooooooool. This one cost $1500, though.