Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West

I thought the trailer said the name was Horizon 2: Forbidden West? (No more Zero Dawn).

Yeah, but I figured this is easier for people to find later.

I figured you were following the cue of that trailer name on youtube. If that’s put up by Sony, maybe they had the same thought.

Edit: Ah, it’s IGN. I guess IGN had the same thought.

I’m pretty sure the title is just “Horizon Forbidden West” with no colon.

Or maybe it’s “Horizon 2:: Horizon Forbidden West” with two colons and a repeated word.


I’ve heard rumors there is another game called Horizon, so they can’t use that with a colon. They have to make it a unique phrase for trademark purposes.

It’s Horizon Forbidden West… even though there is a ‘II’ in the logo…

Neither game has a colon, it’s reserved for expansions or bundles, e.g. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

You’d think it would be Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West, given what those terms all mean in the game.

Anyway, this is also coming to PS4. I want my next gen showcase!

Maybe there isn’t actually a next gen at all! It’s all just titles that will still run on the PS4 and XSS!

The good news about this, other than pushing back the date when I’ll feel pressure to buy a PS5, is that it presumably means the game is coming out sooner than I had thought.

Guess so. Maybe it’ll look and run on PS5 much like the first game does on a good PC.

The problem is that AAA games are both very expensive and need lots of time (I think the average is now 4 years), so they can’t make games exclusive to a console that is going to have 10 times less units in the market, nor they can’t release games as they should have started the development several years ago.

I had an amusing thought: by the time they finally start releasing great and exclusive AAA games in the new consoles, they will be releasing very soon the pro version of those consoles! So maybe the best is to wait for that model, if you aren’t in a hurry.

Extended preview this Thursday with 14 minutes of gameplay. Sounding like it might make this year if that’s the case.

Cool. I suppose there are still last gen versions though. I want to see what Sony budgets get out of next-gen-only titles. Funded by PC ports :)

This is a cross-gen title. Oh wait, you said that in the first part of your sentence. I don’t know what you’re saying. Ignore me.

→ I want to see what Sony budgets get out of next-gen-only titles.


Is that a way of saying you want to see what Sony spends on a next-gen only title, or that you want to see how much money they make on a next-gen only title?

I want to see what they can achieve.

I hope you have June 11th free!