Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West

I love love love open world games. But for some reason I’ve never gotten past about 1/3 or so of HZD (I have the addon.) I’m not sure why, I think I just get distracted by games like RDR2 (which I played for about 10 MM hours) and now Ghost of Tsushima. But I think I need to just do a restart of HZD and finish it before this one comes out.

I got most of the way through it and stopped to do other things after having to repeat some fight a bajillion times and getting ticked off at the the game. Mostly I liked it though.

Missed this! Watching now :)

It’s just a countdown with environments being shown at the moment. Gameplay reveal is at 5EDT/2PDT.

Oh really? Well thanks for not letting me sit here for 3 hours :)

I got like 80-90% through the first game (though I didn’t go to the expansion area)- I basically had to do the final dungeon, as far as I could tell. Then my PS4 died, taking my save with it, since Sony only does cloud saves if you specifically upload them (kind of defeating the purpose, imo), and so when I picked up another PS4, I just didn’t have the heart to go through the entire game again. Since this is cross-gen, I’m certainly interested, though.

Sure is purty. Eloy is very talkative, could get annoying, but for now I’m assuming it’s tuned that way for demo purposes - the whole thing seemed very scripted. Also, I don’t remember, was that zip/grapple thing in the original?

They had it turned up for the original Zero Dawn reveal as well, I remember people complaining back then too. The quick grapple and glider are both new.

Game looks absolutely sumptuous!

I want to spend all my time skin diving.

Release Feb 18th. Did we know that?

Awesome, guess that means BOTW 2 next March.

Now for the long wait of possibly getting to play this on PC.

This is a little weird. No upgrade option from PS4 to PS5.

That’s confusing. Not quite as horrible as the Polygon headline wants us to believe, but confusing.

I assume it’s because Sony wants to try to hold onto $70 as the new AAA price point for the PS5 generation, from that perspective it makes a certain kind of sense. The standard edition is $60 on PS4 and $70 on the PS5, so if you can swallow that games are going to be more expensive in this new gen, it makes sense that you can’t just work around that by paying $60 and expecting a free upgrade to PS5.

Right, I was just surprised they won’t offer a $10 or $20 upgrade option for those that already bought the PS4 version. At least at launch. Hopefully they’ll offer it later?

Though it’s not relevant to me, since I bought the first game a few years ago, but haven’t gotten past the opening area for adult Alloy yet. So I won’t be buying the PS4 sequel yet. Maybe I’ll have a PS5 by the time I do, in which case, no biggie.

Oh, I didn’t think about that angle. That is weird.

Basically they want PS4 players like me to buy the $80 version, not the $60 version. In case I get a PS5 in the future.

I’m guessing they’ll offer an upgrade option later, but this helps push the $80 version now to PS4 owners.

Yay! Gamers being upset at the news worked!

PS4 to PS5 upgrade will be free for this title. And for all 1st party Sony titles from here on out, it will cost $10 to upgrade PS4 version to PS5 version.