Hot girl at work dilemma! Halp!

Well, if I recall, DoomMunky works in theater, which is like Bizarro Workplace, where coworker hookups am well-advised.

Also agreed. I’ve dated two co-workers (Shhhh!). Neither of them worked out long-term, but they were both decent relationships. I think the problem is really the break-up. That can be awkward, potentially very much so, unless you are both OK with it, or one of you leaves the company.

If the car across the street doesn’t belong to you–I mean, your buddy–that might be all you need to know about the chances of any kind of dalliance. Or not, depending on how much risk you’re willing to take with other people’s vehicles.

I would say if all willing parties act like adults, you’re fine… but if we’re talking about you… I think this thread now precludes any chance of that…and if we’re not talking about you, the car comment from the girl precludes any chance of that. ABORT! ABORT! DANGER! DANGER!

There is some key information missing here. Are either the girl or “your buddy” supertasters?

How good is the job and does it explicitly forbid fraternization amongst people in the same department/site/employ? If it’s expressly forbidden and your friend wants to keep the job I’d suggest steering clear. If it’s not forbidden but your friend is worried about his career and long term promotion prospects and not presenting the wrong image at work, I’d also suggest steering clear. Otherwise, goferit.

In my younger days I had a fling with a female co-worker and I was so scared and nervous that it might weird out work that the whole thing turned awkward and fizzled pretty quick. In retrospect quite badly handled on my part, but I was young and nervous. There was no fallout for me though, even when it later became more widely known around the office.

Fuck her from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

I think the solution here is obvious.

  1. Accept date with girl.
  2. Pick up girl for said date in rented “car across the street”.
  3. Profit.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy the special hell that is workplace romances, especially with aggressive psychotic chicks that tell dudes what kind of cars they want to have intercouse on the hood of before they’ve even gone on a single date with them. Please return here and let us know how it all goes so we can point, laugh and feel superior.

If he’s nailing a hot co-worker on the hood of a car, I don’t think it’s us that are going to be doing the “feel superior” part of this equation.

Until he comes home to find his pet bunny rabbit on the stove.

Fixed, as the kids say.

Theater? Yeah, Bizarro Workplace is right. The normal rules do not apply. I think it’s not only ok, it’s required.

I guess that’s why the pilot doesn’t eject first.

This may be the best thread in a long damn time.

A> she is trying to sell a car like the one across the street

B> he should use a condom if he gets lucky as she is no rookie at this stuff

This thread delivers.

Haven’t quite figured out what yet, but it’s definitely delivering it!

Yes, she probably is a saleswoman for that particular car.

This actually is happening to a friend of mine. This isn’t really an issue in the theater, at least the regional theater, where a job lasts 2 months, maybe 3. In that Bizarro Workplace, hookups are, well, not common, but a lot less fraught than in a regular workplace, like my buddies’.

I think I’ll continue to be the straight man for this thread and just provide as much information as I can, cause you guys are freaking hilarious.

I don’t get all these .gifs. Is it against the rules to talk about dating and relationships here? I didn’t read the rules completely. There is a long internet dating thread. Are these just “post to the right thread” forum police?