Hot Ones - First We Feast

Nick Offerman looks pretty sharp these days, IMO.

I like the special effects in this latest video, LOL.

Season 11 is currently airing.

“These wings are perfectly aged. Deliciously dry chicken.” - Will Ferrell

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That guy is just uber cool… amazing.

Has anyone actually done the Hot Ones challenge? I ordered the set after the Pedro Pascal episode, which was great, but I have yet to gather a crew up for the challenge. I feel like you have to bring good questions, or you lose something essential to the experience.

As far as Sean Evans goes, I agree that he lacks a certain charisma we expect from talk show hosts—he’s more YouTube star than TV celebrity—but the questions are always solid, and he does, ya know, eat all the spicy wings every single time. With composure.

I have the set, and I’ve tried a handful. Eight (Da Bomb, 135,000 Scoville units) was the highest I’ve gone, and it was fairly manageable. I do plan to try the whole run in the near future.

I haven’t personally verified this yet, but Da Bomb is regarded as the worst by far. As Trevor Noah put it, “There’s no flavor, just pain!”

Tom Scott tried. Sort of.

Agreed after I saw a video with a bunch of guests hating on Da Bomb I was like I better try that. Absolutely vile, just that pure bitter pepper extract flavor. Not a fan, as expected.
The episode with Salma Hayek was awesome too. I think she started by sandbagging him a little and never seemed to break a sweat. I’ll say it seems like mostly the dudes that can’t hack it, I’ve been blown away by how kick ass some of the ladies are on there. Acting! ;-)

Da Bomb, as far as I know, typically is the only one to include capsaicin extract, aka heat cheating in a bottle. Extract sauces hit you very, very different than natural sauces, that’s why it’s such a huge jump despite the next two usually being an order of magnitude higher on the Scoville Scale. I can say that .357 Magnum, a finisher from the earliest seasons, is also an extract sauce and also delicious, and it hits like a train wreck. But, it’s delicious! Why Sean focused on Da Bomb as being both extract hot and shitty flavored escapes me when the same effect could be gotten by other sauces that don’t taste like ass. FWIW, I’ve never tried it.

The difference to me between an extract sauce and a natural one is the difference between distilled vinegar and a nice wine vinegar. They’re both acidic, but one just plain old sucks.

And that’s why we’re probably gonna skip Da Bomb on our ladder. I’m here for the flavor as much as the challenge, and it’s just a middle rung on the upper end, not the grand finale.

I bought a bunch of sauces from Heartbeat Hot Sauce, some of which were on the show, and they are absolutely delicious. Usually not as hot as you would think they should be but just super tasty. Their Piri Piri sauce was when of the warm up sauces on Hot Ones for a while. I’m not actually a fan of that one but the Habanero, Scorpion and especially the Poiriers Creole Maple are heaven.

Well, but . . . I have a theory. I’ve watched 80% of Hot Ones episodes so I’m an internet expert, and my theory is that by starting slow and working your way up, you start occupying the taste buds with capsaicin gradually so that by the end when you’re on the 2M Scoville sauces you’ve lost a lot of the keyholes for the 2M keys to fit in (in my again amateur understanding, capsaicin hurts because it bypasses most of the molecular binding site specificity in your tongue/mouth/throat and instead is a skeleton key that fits in anywhere.)

The one episode that backs this up is the first Eddie Huang episode where he thought he would be cute and start from the end, not the beginning. It did not go well for him.

“Can you die from this?”

Okay, the pseudoscience checks out… Maybe we’ll leave it in. But I don’t have to like it!

Hey, I put in enough waffle statements to put myself way above pseudoscience! This is a hypothesis with YouTube research backing it up! My game plan would be to eat all the early wings, really roll 'em around in your mouth to get those early sparse capsaicin molecules in there, then start nibbling around number 6.

Nah, this is my meal plan for that night. I’mma go all in. Maybe we should record it for QT3?