House of Cards (US version)


“We can be dangerous, too.”


I just finished the first series. It was good, spacey was ace, but frankly I find it too depressing. I wasn’t expecting the west wing, but at least throw me a bone in the manner of ONE character who is likable…


iirc that older office manager lady who worked for the senator’s wife was pretty likable. The little kids of that one politician were fairly likable. Nothing depressing about those storylines!


That would make it difficult to root for Spacey.


Caught up on the first season, wow it was fantastic. It filled the backstabby void left in my heart when BOSS was canceled by Starz.

Very excited for season 2, the casting is just phenomenal.


Season #2 is live now for your Valentines Day viewing. The show has also been renewed for another season.

Edit: Just watched the first episode. Fucking hell that is a way to have the show say “shit is gonna get real”. Spacy’s last little monologue and the camera pan to the cuff links is pure genius.


I watched the first episode tonight too. Wow, what a start.

Also, the music seems just subtly different. As if they re-recorded the same theme with a different orchestra, with just slight variations in certain instruments. Is that my imagination?


You thought I’d forgotten about you.

Great first episode, but the second is not good Valentines Day viewing.


Great episode, but they really throw you right into it. No “previously on House of Cards…” I probably should have refreshed myself on the wiki page or something first.


From the website version of Netflix, clicking on the big House of Cards promotion at the top took me first to a “last season…” clip.


I assume someone has already edited an AT-AT into a GIF of that big scene from the first episode.


Just watched the first episode. Wow.


Yeah. I was kinda expecting it but I also thought they maybe wouldn’t go there, at least not in the first episode of the new season.

Loved, LOVED the monologue at the end. “Welcome back.”


I’ll have to go back and watch what I’ve watched so far (just maybe 3 or 4 episodes) of the first season again to refresh myself–I recognized the quality of what I watched but man, it’s so bleak and cynical you almost want to eat a gun after watching it.


I actually gave up after episode 4 or 5 last year but when I heard the 2nd season was getting ready to start I decided to watch the rest. There’s a story arc that develops that begins to tie things together and once I got about halfway through season 1 I was completely hooked.



Only if you’ve finished the season

[spoiler]Hmmmm… that felt like a letdown. For one, House of Cards’ POTUS is so goddamned dense that he probably shits diamonds. The plot basically consists of the same people trusting in Frank, even after they swear they’ve learned their lesson after the last time. They’re so completely oblivious to everything going on in regards to Frank. For me, it’s when POTUS has Frank’s damn letter and decides to go, “Awwww, Frank’s a good guy, I’m going to start trusting him again” is where I threw my hands in the air. It’s also like none of these people actually talk to each other without Frank in the room.

And don’t get me started on House of Cards’ version of unobtanium [except only in China]. Apparently, the US electric grid runs on extremely, extremely rare dilithium crystals or something. Seriously?[/spoiler]


Yeah, I remember feeling like the first season didn’t really hit its stride till the last third or so. So far (seven episodes in), season two has had that momentum right out of the gate. It’s really easy to keep watching just one more episode. Okay, just one more. Okay, last one…

And Papageno, I’m probably just jaded from too many shows and movies at this point, but this is only about a 6 on my bleak and cynical scale, especially having recently caught up with Hannibal and being currently hooked on the incredibly dark True Detective.


God, this show is so good.


Don’t read my stupid joke until you’ve finished season 2:


Who do I talk to at Netflix to suggest “Hail to the Peach” as the season 3 tag line?


Which season?

And just watched first episode of season 2 myself…Dear lord. That man gives me the chills. I literally applauded his ending talk, because the man is just brilliant. Thanks Netflix!