How do you read PDF's

So, in these times, I’ve read a lot of PDFs - mainly RPG’s I’ve purchased in places like DrivethruRPG .
I have a 17 inch laptop, so the screen is fairly big - but - my issue is, that I find it fairly troublesome to read pdf’s of A4 sized books. I’d love for it to be in book format, so I can watch the lovely illustrations like this

and this

The text seems rather small when I do that. I can of course zoom in, which is wonderful, but I do find that this detracts from the experiece, to be reading the PDF like this instead. Also, the scrolling to next page is kinda annoying as well.

So - I guess what I am asking is - how do you guys read PDF’s of books, and is there a reader that is better than Adobe to do this?

edit: removed the copyrighted material and substituted it with the free version of Stars without number rules!

Honestly most of my experience has been things like the kindle app on my tablet. The comfort factor is so much better than even the best laptop.

When I went back to school in 2012 I got a Surface Pro for explicitly this purpose. Reading digital textbooks.

Thats not a bad idea! Any tablet in particular you used?

What surface pro is good enough for this use? I see the latest one is somewhat pricey. At least, if all you do is read books on it!

Since it sounds like you might be in the market for a dedicated device, I feel like I have to ask: have you tried printing any hardcopies and reading that? Not with your own printer, but at a shop of some kind.

Yeah, I’m more interested in a technical solution other than a hardcopy print. Usually, its for bed reading for instance, or in a comfy chair where the lightning isn’t the best for hardcopy reading :-)

This is a perfect use case for one of the bigger iPads IMO (and reading similarly formatted graphic novels are one way I use mine).

I have a laptop with a screen that flips over like a tablet. I don’t use it much though for that.

For book-like stuff, which 90% of the time is board game rulebooks, I use my iPad. Currently using YACReader, which seems to perform better than Acrobat or the Apple app with image-heavy documents. For work I just use Acrobat, but I don’t do the two-page view unless the format of the document absolutely demands it.

Well for me it was the Surface Pro 1, which I still have and even use for playing old games sometimes.

It worked well enough, the reason for it rather than iPad or kindle is because some of my digital textbooks were incompatible with non desktop OS’s.

Honestly a Kindle Fire probably is your best bet. My wife has one that works great for ebooks.

I have an iPad 3 I use for a lot of pdf stuff but man there’s no way I’d pay idpad or surface pro prices just for reading PDFs. Surely a cheapo android tablet with Xodo would be perfectly fine if pdf reading was really the only purpose.

iPad. They are near perfect for this kind of thing. Not too heavy, no heat, thin, long battery, and have a wealth of apps for the purpose (and markup)

Also look to see if they offer ePubs, those are 1000x better if you aren’t marking up.

I’ll echo “on my iPad”, like a lot of folks here are saying, with the Goodreader app. (There might be better ones but a consistent frustration of mine with iOS and its app ecosystem is that there’s often no way to try before you buy, or refund once you have. So Goodreader was recommended, Goodreader is what I bought, and that’s the only one I will probably ever use.)

On PC I don’t especially like reading PDFs, but for stuff I’m just checking out or need to quickly reference or whatever without faffing about with an iPad transfer, I use SumatraPDF which is free, lightweight, and works great for PDFs, epubs, and so on. As far as I can tell, you still need Adobe for like, specially formatted PDFs with scripting or whatnot, or fillable forms. But for reading? It’s so much better.

Thanks for the Ipad suggestions everyone - I dislike Apple though, so I am assuming here that any tablet will do.

I’ll be looking at a Samsung I think - since thats the ecosystem I am already quite familiar with. For something like this, I doubt one needs the newest and best!

Try Xodo. It’s free, so no need to worry about refunds.

Not sure where you’re located, but I just got the Lenovo M10 tablet and I’m quite impressed. I ordered the 4GB/128 tab for $200, and they sent it boxed with a dock. The eBay link has since been changed to the 64GB model, but for $200 I think it’s a great tablet buy.

I mean, it’s not like I’ve had any problems with Goodreader, and I don’t feel like switching unless I’m having problems due to another thing I hate about iOS, the file structure where documents are proprietary to a single app. Just saying that it’s possible that the best PDF app on iOS is one I didn’t try. But I would be skeptical of a free one because free on mobile usually equals full of obnoxious ads, often with a subscription to turn them off, not just a one time fee.

If your only goal is PDF reading, sure, an Android tablet will probably be fine. It’s a surprisingly hardware intensive thing, especially for RPG sourcebooks, though. So I’d not assume you can get away with an el-cheapo model.

Maybe, but the iOS tablets are well supported as compared to Android tablets. So you have a lot more apps to choose from (and much higher quality ones).

Sorry, not biting :-D

Anyways, I purchased a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A7 10,4" WIFI (32 GB) and will be picking it up in about an hour.

You probably want more storage. I guess you can rely on cloud.