How often do you Ignore / Mute / Killfile?

I think they are next to useless for forums. You still see replies or people responding to them and usually forums also stick in a small header with ‘ignoring user’ inserted between posts. That takes up about the same bandwidth in my head as just scrolling on by a non ignored user.

The only way I would use an ignore on a forum is if it removed every occurrence including replies. This includes responses that didn’t use the quote addressing whatever the troll brought up. Since that would be an impossibility I say just forget about it.

I’ll just put this here, but if you’ve been following my threads…

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We’re at a point where we can use feedback on what we’re doing, so if you are a longtime Q23 member, and would like an invite, email me.

Figuring out my email is the first test! Protip: it ain’t hard.

I never use it on any forums. A light sprinkling of loonies can make things more fun. If a forum is dominated by them, however, I don’t return.

In contrast, I use /ignore constantly in MMO’s. If there’s a cap, I’ll generally bump into it.

Agreed, and this echoes what some twitter clients do: if somebody goes apeshit over some specific topic, it’ll usually pass, and you don’t want to unfollow them for it, just give them some time to settle the hell down and move on.

So, a mute that is limited in time or locality.

There are developers who are really good at porting who will do a port for revenue split with nothing upfront. Pretty much risk free, though exporting directly from Director would be even better.

I am not afraid of reading different points of view. So yeah never used this option on anyone. If someone is an obvious troll, then i just don’t often take part in the discussion.

I went for “lots” because I pretty much always have someone on ignore. But the number is 1 or 2 posters per forum (so was really between “lots” and “rarely”), never more.

To me, it just cuts down on the noise of the 1 or 2 people who really have nothing interesting to say on a forum. But I don’t mind people with opposing viewpoints or even a bit of crazy once in a while. I can always scroll past it.

I find the feature useful as a filter. I don’t think much about it otherwise. Still, I would think the forum was missing something if it didn’t have the feature.


At the moment I only have one person on my list. Opposing viewpoints don’t bother me. My criterion is that a poster’s contributions consistently degrade or derail a discussion, usually by always harping on his pet issue.

Yeah, well, I STILL say it was Steven Erikson that wrote Return of the Crimson Guard, and not Esslemont, so there!

Yup, this for me. I very rarely use the ignore feature, when when I do, it dramatically improves the ambiance of conversations where their posts would otherwise display. ;)

Never. Because it don’t work.

If you ignores a troll, you will still read him quoted by the gullible people that feed him. You don’t want to ignore these gullible people.

Trolls basic feature is to turn a debate into a mud fight, if you successfully ignore the troll, you will still see the mud fight (but then, you will be confused on why or how this started).

Ignoring a person only works if everyone, agree on ignoring a person.

We have the same criteria but…


Forum ignores don’t really work, because the worst trolls derail the thread for pages upon pages of drivel. I don’t want to ignore the people responding to the trolls, just their responses to the troll. Which is possible I guess in a threaded dialog but as Wumpus hates those (and I don’t disagree) the only other option would be an impossible AI level of intelligence to sort through the posts.

The only situation I can think I would use it in is if they were posting patently offensive, ban worth content. But I don’t frequent unmoderated boards so… no use for forum ignore.

My best forum experiences have been on the unmoderated ones. Unfortunately those I frequented are no longer existent. Putting people on ignore is like covering ones eyes and ears in fear. It’s childish. Getting angry or upset because of online discussion is also childish but at leat sometimes understandable. Telling people that you have them on ignore is childish and shows lack of self-confidence IMO. I have no words for people who post they are wondering why they didn’t put someone on ignore yet (happened just recently on here). Such behavior is just…I don’t know…the worst signs of social awkwardness ever. That being said, I’ve never put anyone on ignore.

I find it works quite well. The criteria I have for ignoring someone (again, they have to complete assholes with virtually every post) is high enough that I find there isn’t a lot of quote responses anyway. Most people seem to have these people on ignore as well, or they are just informally ignoring them and not responding. Either way, it works just fine for me.


If what you’re saying is so intolerable that I simply cannot scroll past it, and the rest of the community is not bothered by it enough that we all figure out a good way to tell you to shut the F up, it’s time to find another community.

Now, an ignore button for co-workers and family members? Where do I go to request that feature?

I dunno, that Mass Effect 3 thread is getting pretty infuriating.

It’s called Xanax.

I don’t use it on forums, but I do on Facebook, where I can’t seem to scroll past the inane crap fast enough.

Not since The Great Purge.

A sub-forum specific “Ignore” would be pretty handy.

Relatedly, a sub-forum specific ban so mods wouldn’t have to kick someone out entirely just because they can’t keep a lid on their temper in one subforum or something.