Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I really wish there was a proper successor to Zoo Tycoon out there. I like Planet Zoo, from what I was able to play (its processor requirements are a bit much for my current system) but for all that I think it’s better about including some “sim” than other Frontier games of late, it’s still a recent Frontier game for sure. The animals just go away towards making up for that.

I paused last month, went to give it a skip/pause again today to see if I’d get the discount, and got the $4 off deal.

First time that triggered for me. :)

Remember to pause before this Tuesday.

New humble monthly bundle:
Star Wars Squadrons
Phoenix Point: Year One Edition
Call of the Sea
Pumping Jack
Siege Survival: Gloria Victis
I am Fish
Superhot: Mind Control Delete

That’s a pretty nice bundle. I’ve been wanting to try Siege Survival, and though I’ve got Star Wars Squadrons from a PS+ offering, wouldn’t mind having it on Steam.

Also: Call of the Sea would be very interesting to me, except about 6 months ago I ducked into the Call of the Sea thread here to get some impressions, and basically major plot points of the game are completely spoiled there in plain text. So if that game interests you, DO NOT read much about it at all, if you can.

Yeah some decent games this month!


Not bad, I’m in for $8 just for a permanent owned copy of SW:Squadrons alone.

Easy pause for gamepass renters. 5 repeats, but 2 were recently removed if you didnt play them

Squadrons, phoenix and fish are currently on there.

Very true, I just want to own SW:Squadrons outright, after it drops off game pass in 6 months.

Oh great now more people can be disappointed by Squadrons, but at a discount.

Would be a good bundle if I didn’t already buy Squadrons for 1 dollar, didn’t finish Call of the Sea on Gamepass and didn’t buy Gamedec on Epig for 5 bucks.

So, pause.

Squadrons looks to be MP only, is that accurate?

No, there’s a single player story mode

Worth playing? The copy is all about the MP, so I’m guessing any SP content is not too substantial?

Hmm, might be worth it if I can get the “please don’t pause” bribe to get Phoenix Point finally, and Squadrons.

I was offered and accepted a coupon for $3 off next months bundle.

So next months games will probably be horrible. :)

Pumpkin and fish, we’re eating good this month

Has anyone played that Pumpkin game?


I’d consider you an authority on that question. That’s a damn shame.