I Am ... Fish: Swim…Roll…Fly…Bite…Survive!

September 16, 2021

That trailer is way better than I expected! Swim…Roll…Fly…Bite…Survive!

Also included with Gamepass. :)

Screen Shot 2

fuck fish

Hey, I respect their love for 80’s prog rock groups.

? soon available in a triple sandwich pack along with:


Fun game I think))) I would really like to play

I wonder where that fish has gone?

Welcome to our community!

I wonder how far Discourse will keep zooming on youtube previews. Bottom is the limit!

At risk of generating a bunch more fish memes (oh heck too late), this is now officially out.


Forgot what the game is about.


It’s also on PC gamepass now!

Tom edited my title! :D

Fish can roll?