Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

This is good to know although I wonder how they’ll provide a key that only unlocks the base game on Steam. Old keys, maybe?

No, there’s never been a Steam version without DLC. Unless they’re going to add one fresh.

Well, that’s weird. But didn’t they end up doing something similar with Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

I think that was taking the old version with separate DLC and replacing it with a bundled edition.

They added the individual DLC 6 hours ago according to SteamDB.

I don’t understand the site very well, but I assume they’re adding the base game as well if it isn’t already.

I finished it and found it great. But I am Piranha Bytes’s style of RPGs fan. The setting of Elex is a hodgepodge of everything (post-apocalyptic scifi fantasy, basically) but somehow it works well enough. It has that Piranha atmosphere and world is fun to explore.

I agree, but it doesn’t hold your hand at all. It’s very easy to go into areas where you’re vastly out-leveled and ill equipped for. It also doesn’t really guide you on what the hell you’re supposed to be doing. If you’re the type to easily get frustrated, read a beginners guide before playing.

I mean…if you go to an area where enemy kicks your ass, run away and come later. That doesn’t really require a guide :)

Just doing the quests around the starting village (that looks like it’s from Gothic 2) provides a good way to get started.

March bundle is out, and Control is either STEAM or EPIC , you pick.

I was gonna skip, but they gave me a $4 coupon so I figured what the hell, I might play Elex at some point and why not own Control in two separate stores?

I mean, because it’s stupid, that’s why not, but I did it anyway.

I paused. I already have Elex and Control and Chimera Squad. There are like two or three things in the rest of the bundle that I might care about, but I know the Peaky Blinders game has been in multiple bundles on Fanatical already and Wildfire will probably turn up in bundles at some point, and I’m definitely not paying $12 (or even $10) for the two of them.

Does Control’s DLC (which I assume it must have: This is the Way) merit worrying about not having it if I go ahead with this? I already have Chimera Squad but Control and Elex, plus Hotshot Racing, look like they make it worth the price.

Anyway, maybe I can try to pause again and get a bribe like @stusser did. :D

It’s good DLC, for what that’s worth.

The Humble page says Control peon edition but it added the ultimate edition to my Steam library. I previously only owned it on Epic. So I guess I got the DLCs too! Never bought 'em.


They have a note saying that Steam will incorrectly say Ultimate Edition, but it doesn’t really include the dlc.

Ahh schnakers!

Hotshot Racing devs, why would you put a FPS cap to your fast arcade racing game??

Ruh roh. That might prevent one from getting the DLC later in a “complete your collection” situation, mightn’t it?

Wow, that’s hilariously misleading.

So why isn’t next months bundle revealed? The new schedule is extremely confusing.