Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I don’t have an issue with them making some money off a bundle. They will stop existing if they don’t have any income.

I chose the 12 games from this month’s bundle. It felt really weird. This is the first time I’ve gotten a bundle where I didn’t want any of the games. It felt like collecting for collecting’s sake. I hope one day I try Civ VI and it turns out to be awesome. After all, people didn’t feel great about Civ3, and that turned out to be wonderful for me, once I installed the big second expansion.

I think you will potentially enjoy Civ VI because you aren’t already jaded/burned-out from the rest. A lot of the complaints tend to come from folks that have played the series for years and/or are strategy gods (no offense if you are already a strategy god). I find myself much less critical of the game simply because I’m not real good and it so I can’t as easily see the flaws. Hopefully in time you find that $12 for it was a steal!

New games today right?


Hoping for Cloud Punk.

Fingers crossed for a bundle that prompts me to clear the stuff in my Steam cart.

When does it show up.

So Honey Pop confirmed? 😀

My understanding is that you wouldn’t want to buy that one on Steam anyway, in that apparently the GOG version is more, err, “complete.”

Wait, so does the GoG version have more Honey or Pop? 🧐

Sadly, Snap OD’d on coke in the 80s, endured a massive stroke, and is now a vegetable. Crackle faded to obscurity after a notable stint as a gonzo porn director in the San Fernando Valley led to a conviction for arms trafficking with the Sinaloa cartel. He swallowed a 12 gauge and never saw a cell. Only Pop remains, and his ladyfriend Honey, while possessing a lovely soprano, is a poor substitute for the original band.

A candle burning twice as bright, etc.

What the hell kind of bottom barrel fanatical $3 bundle is this? I’m happy to be contradicted. Tell me which games are good.

I thought it was maybe just me. :)

But yeah, this month doing zilch for me. Maybe if I was more into racing games, Dirt 5 would do it for me. And Paradise Killer looks at least interesting.
But pickins seems pretty slim here.

The indie games look interesting to me.

I would not recommend DiRT 5 to any racing game fan. And I’m even a big fan of the DiRT series.

Also, it will be nice to own The Surge 2, I suppose. I know I’ll get to it eventually.

The indie games sound intriguing though.

Just yesterday I bought Surge 1, 2 and new Larry for 10 eddies on Fanatical.

So of course humble also has Surge 2 and…nothing else that would interest me.

Pausing hard.

Yakuza would be a nice inclusion if it weren’t on Game Pass. I’ve heard good things about ADOM. And Nimbatus looks like it might be interesting. That’s all I’ve got.

Ohhh, an excellent month for me, many games on my wishlist. Yay!

Heh. This thing has fleas.

Nimbatus and ADOM are both of interest, but that’s really it, and I’m not sure that’s $12 worth of bundle for my purposes. Maybe $8, I guess? But maybe not.

I don’t think this month’s Humble Bundle is for me. Which is fine, not every month needs to be about me.

Let me know if there is a good reason to reconsider.