Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Anyone have a spare Torchlight III I could buy off em?

Yeah they are very, very different games.

Does it work in single-player or are the bots morons?

@stusser As to the eight bucks, we’ll see if Humble still offers that come-on. I know that the last time I paused I didn’t get the offer.

I actually don’t know - have never played it non-coop. @tomchick and @Jason_McMaster were playing this a lot when it came out so maybe they know.

I’m game to link up with anyone interested in trying this out co-op. Also, is the Pathogen expansion worth the $9 w/ coupon? Annoying that it doesn’t stack with the Choice 20% off.

I think so, but it’s so much better in co-op. Just get it, it’s a lot of fun.

Worked for me!

That is an entire bundle of games of which I was either barely or not-at-all aware. It appears to be almost perfectly orthogonal to my interests, from a cursory inspection. Seems like a great bundle for some folks but probably a skip for me.

Yes and no. The bots are fairly dumb.

Yeah, skipping this month. I already have Death Stranding, LiS 2, Monster Prom 2, and Sir Brante. The others hold zero interest for me.

I played the entire base campaign alone. Bots are fine on lower difficulties, only a couple hiccups. Wouldn’t recommend it at all for single player though.

Death Stranding DC for $8.61 (I did get the $4 off pop-up after not receiving it last month when I skipped) was too good to pass up. Not sure if I will ever play Aliens:Fire Team or Life Is Strange 2, but they certainly helped make it an easier decision, and Sir Brante looks very interesting as well.

I got DS on PC for free from Epic. Is the DC worth ponying up for? Hrmph…

This also intrigues me, but I probably don’t have the reflexes for it anymore.

Have you even played it yet? If not, the answer is no, the DLC is not worth it. You might not even like it.

I own none of the games except Death Stranding on Epic but I’d rather have it on Steam! Not skipping this month but still getting that sweet 4 dollar discount when I pretend to!

This month is a no-brainer. Sir Brante, Rollerdrome, and Founder’s Fortune were all on my wishlist.

From the comments I’ve seen, there’s not much difference in the Director’s Cut of DS because most of the quality of life improvements were added to the base game for PC.

The best reason for me to get it on Steam is that I’ll be able to play it on the Steam Deck.

All 3 of these sound really interesting, but I question whether I can find the time to play them. Especially with games like Jedi Survivor and Diablo IV coming soon. I feel like these will go in the backlog and I will forget that they are even there. It’s interesting that time of acquisition is becoming a more prominent factor than any other when it comes to playing games. If I don’t acquire a game right at the moment that I’m ready to actually play it, it doesn’t get played. (Unless it’s so universally praised that I keep getting reminded of it).