Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I’m really curious how many people even bother with the Humble app, as a portion of their subscribers. I get that it’s a nominal value add but, honestly, I’ve never given it a second look.

The app? Hell, I can’t remember the last time I installed a game from Humble Bundle, much less played one! It’s all just adding to my not particularly short backlog. He who dies owning the most unplayed games wins, right? That’s how it works?

I certainly don’t have the app. And I noticed last time I had Prime that Amazon was giving away some games using a different service, so I didn’t even bother getting those games because I wasn’t going to download yet another service.

The Humble Collection, AKA Humble App, AKA Humble Trove/Vault, does have some nice titles in it, but many of them are games you probably already own through other sites (especially Epic’s giveaways) and previously purchased bundles. Also since access to the Collection/App/Trove/Vault requires you to remain subscribed to Humble Choice, it’s more like a $12-per-month PC Game Pass featuring mostly indie titles. Meh.

For me, Humble Choice and the occasional Humble Bundle have always been, and will remain, a good value way to add games I am interested in to my Steam library. I have zero interest in yet another launcher/app that I need to keep track of, even less so in one that has a monthly cost associated with it.

You said it! It was already annoying enough to have to deal with the stupid app, but I definitely don’t have the time or inclination to play games on the schedule HB dictates by removing things at random. I want to play Unsighted! This is why I don’t have Gamepass anymore!

The Humble Trove is one collection of games made available on the Humble App by being a Choice subscriber, but there are a bunch of more recent Humble-published games as well. I played Signalis on the Humble App last month. I’m going to try Ghost Song at some point. There also Next Space Rebels, Hat in Time, Chinatown Detective Agency… not even counting the ones that are going away soon.

Last month I got charged for the bundle. It was the first time I had forgotten to pause. I got the refund. This time I remembered to pause, damn it. I’m 99% sure I went through the whole thing where it offers me $4 off and I still chose to pause.

But I just got charged $11.99 again. Arrgh. Maybe it’s not worth being a member if pausing is not going to work properly.

I just got a notification of them charging me and I did the same thing. I always check when the thread is updated and pause then if there isn’t anything worth taking. I’ve had this happen before, but you are 100% that it’s annoying as fuck.

They make you confirm you really want to pause like four times. If you peace out at any point it’s very possible to think you paused when you didn’t. Scummy.

Yeah, I don’t know how some of you guys keep getting charged when you’ve paused. I never have been. Of course I also make sure I get a confirmation email acknowledging that I’ve paused. In my case it was just last Tuesday.

Maybe the fact that I tend to Pause late in the cycle helps?

You might be onto something, as that’s what I do as well, and have always gotten my pauses to take on the first try.

I did pause much earlier than usual this time, so maybe it was that.

If you don’t touch the games and get in touch with customer service they will reverse the transaction pretty seamlessly from what I’ve read.

When you pause has no bearing on if the pause works or not, as I routinely make my decision either the day the bundle drops each month or within a few days after. I used to wait until the end of the month but got burned a couple of times (totally my fault for forgetting to pause) and changed over to pausing early every month, and since then have never been charged. I go through all of the prompts, then circle back around to the Choice page and make sure it shows this at the top.

You really do need to double-check. The scenario I described earlier happened to me. They make you confirm you want to pause many times in a row.

Yep, there’s at least three “Are You Sure’s” with the confirmation button in different places for each. It’s only at the end when you get a “You are Paused” and the banner at the top as [SlainteMhath] points out that you are 100% sure.

Got caught out a few times too, but at least they are fine and prompt with the refund requests.

That’s true, but it would be better if they didn’t use a scummy dark pattern to trick users into not pausing in the first place.

Yeah, the use of Dark Patterns is pretty awful. I don’t mind you giving me a single ‘Are you sure, here is a discount if you don’t’ but after that, let me pause it. Don’t be so passive aggressive or annoying, or trick me into not pausing.

Interesting if true

Hope it’s accurate! Pathfinder has been on my wish list for a while, so if true that would be my first non- pause month in a while.