Hurricane Ian

Stay safe to all the Qt3ers in Florida. I am in Orlando area so think it wont be too bad but I have seen trees fall and cause a lot of damage even in a tropical storm.

I’ve got family in the path of this one and I know a fair number of forumfolk are as well – take care and good luck!

My son lives in Orlando. Wish he’d move back out to the west coast…earthquakes are much less scary!


It’s hunker down time, also apparently this storm is going to seriously slow down and just pour feet of rain onto the area later tonight.

I live in the Tampa area. I think Ill be fine though other than a possible power loss.

Looking nasty for Englewood; a quick Google search shows plenty of mobile homes there.

Most likely, the eastward turn continued, it’s going to hit Cape Coral more or less directly. Tampa should miss the bad winds and surge.

Oof, forgot Sanibel and Captiva are right there, current projection is that the entire island of Captiva is going to be underwater, quite literally.


Up to 155 mph winds now, looking pretty nasty! The good news is it should weaken from here…

Please be safe, DeepT. Mentioned elsewhere I have friends and relatives scattered about the area. I’m hoping for all of you it takes that turn south and the direct hit isn’t over Tampa.

The direct danger here isn’t the wind - its the massive storm surge that is going to inundate some shoreline communities that have a lot of folks “riding out” the storm. The potential for loss of life in the next 12 hours is immense - particularly in and around Cape Coral which is largely sea level and riddled with canals.

Talking about 12 to 16 feet of storm surge in some areas. Be safe down there people.

Plus the 2+ feet of rain.

Can’t spell rain without Ian.

An hour ago Captiva webcams were offline but Sanibel’s were on, just looked and Sanibel is offline now, too.

So far, so good here (I’m right in between West Palm Beach and Miami)… lots of rain, some gusts. Feels like a tropical storm.

Really weird seeing a hurricane named after me, such an unassuming name Ian :)

This is all your fault! Burn the witch!

Several here are still online. You can see the storm surge in many.