I Cast 'Magic Missile' At Los Angeles

So… my guess is Chinese SLBM test.

I cast “Shield.”

Whoops, EE thread in progress:

Yours has a way better title, Lum.

Where are the Cheetoooos?

I vote for this thread.

For political reasons.

Relevance achieved!

I think it could be a sign of the End Times.

For religious reasons.

Relevance achieved yet more!

Seems like it might be a jet contrail.

This is a jet contrail picture taken in 2009:

And this is the one from today:

Heh, I think I might have some pictures of this. I was shooting the sunset at the pier in Marina Del Rey and noticed a weird contrail. I get my chromes back on Friday, I wonder if it’s the same thing.

But according to an ex-coworker who believes in the conspiracy theory bullshit, the contrails are the results of the governments seeding the atmosphere chemicals…


LOL… this was a thing that Art Bell used to say. I had a room mate once who talked about it, and how the “proof” lay in the fact that the contrails made big X’s in the sky.

I pointed out that the city we were in had an airport, and unless all the planes had perfectly parallel routes, they were guaranteed to make X’s.


Tell him the flouride thy put in his water will interact with the chemicals he’s now breathing, causing hallucinations that everything is fine. Only he’ll know the truth: it’s not.

Oh, he doesn’t trust toothpaste because they put in fluoride.

Kinda like cloud seeding?

They’re part of the stupid Chemtrail conspiracy theorists. Fucking lunatics.

He only recently believed that the moon landings were real after satellites from the US, China and India orbiting the moon had taken high res images of the landing sites.

Even if the contrail story is a cover, it is almost certainly a cover for a spy satellite launch. The media acts like this is some big mystery, but there are plenty of secret programs the Feds would rather not discuss.

I had to do a lease once where one of the armed services leased some land from my client for two weeks. They would not specify what exactly would go on the site, just “equipment” and that no contamination would result. We saw no need to press for details.

You can’t handle the truth!

The truth we can’t handle is that they’re shooting down asteroids plummeting to Earth even as we speak. We can only pray they succeed.

Terrorists launched a homemade rocket made out of stolen nuclear waste and some old truck parts at LA, but it went the wrong way, since they forgot to include a guidance system.

We got lucky this time, people. This time…