I got a job!

I can’t find the unemployment thread so I am starting another, but this time it is more optomistic. I can afford to be: I got a job! After three months with nary a nibble, I got multiple offers in the past week. One offer is from a start up, the other from a big software company. But just to keep my feet on the ground, it looks like my wife may actually lose the position she has had for the past 10 years by the end of the summer. So is it an upturn in the economy or did I just get very lucky? Post your anecdotal evidence here!

Tim, first of all, congratulations! Second, upturn in the economy? My brother-in-law, an industrial engineer, has been out of work for over a year. Needless to say, I’m not as impressed with our fearless leader in the White House as Mr. SpoofyChop.

Congrats, Tim.

I’ve been looking for 10 months now with not a bite in sight. Nice to hear that there are happy endings.


Congrats Tim!

Yeah, I don’t see an upturn, and I’m dubious about our leader too.

Ironically, the immediate impact of Bush’s tax cuts is going to result in either increased State taxes in Missouri or job loss due layoffs of State workers and public school teachers. Missouri is going to lose about $90M in Federal funds as a result of the new Federal budget.

Come on Troy, you’re writing now at least. :P

Yeah, I’m writing. For Stratosgroup, too. But this is more to keep my writing skills sharp than for income.

I do appreciate Greg giving the chance, though.


A most hearty congratulations!!!

The economy still doesn’t seem to be turning up very much, although where I work there has been a very small number of hires for software engineers.

Since Reagan, my view is that the economy has generally seemed to be doing better under the Democrat administrations. (I guess that means under Clinton but I hesitate to give him credit.) Perhaps because the Democrats have cut government spending more than the Republicans and in the right areas. This argument that the Republicans used in the last election that the military had been crippled by the Democrat budget cuts was exposed as complete BS in this last Gulf War, IMHO.

Congrats and good luck, Tim.

Yahoo. Waters all around on me.

Seriously though, congrats. Tough time to be looking for a job much less finding one you want. Hope you found yours.

Upturn or luck–who cares? You’re working. Congratulations!

Congrats Tim!

Nice to see someone get ahead in this perverse economy we live in. My wife’s position with English Ideas just got wacked Wednesday. Now we are both pounding the pavement.

Now I’m just waiting for the meteor to hit my house.

“It’s amazing how weekends don’t mean so much when you’re unemployed. ‘Cept you get to hang around with yer workin’ friends.”

Welcome back to the land where weekends matter Tim. Congratulations.

Congratulations. I’m still unemployed, but at least I’m getting phone interviews now.

Thanks for all the kind words, guys!

I guess I didn’t seriously think it was an upturn in the economy, but I was pretty suprised to get multiple calls within a week after so little. My decision to go with the big software company was sort of a no brainer, but it was nice to have a choice. I guess I was pretty lucky.

Well done Tim. Hopefully it will last you a couple of years. There’s nothing like a fulltime job to bring stability back into your life.

Many of my IT friends are still desperately searching for work - the situation here in Australia is no better than the US. Most of them have turned to temping, bar work, helpdesk/phone support, and some are learning a trade.

You got one of the musical chairs. If the music starts playing again, don’t get up out of it. That’s my secret.

The economy looks like a fifty cent Mexican whore on Monday morning, except worse. Hold on to the one you got and don’t let any more headhunters try to seduce you away with their promises of stock options and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. It’s all baloney. At this stage, a crappy underpaid day job beats the hell out of the whackiest startup dotcom instant millionaire “opportunity,” by a long shot.

The economy is gone. It won’t be coming back. Ever.

And have a wonderful weekend.

Analysts seem to say that it is coming back and hopefully will be back within a quarter or two.

The man with the good haircut was telling me on televitz the other night that there is no time like the present to invest and that I should take advantage of all the bargains.

It was the same guy who was telling me two years ago that the Dow Jones wasn’t going to level off until it hit 25,000 points. The very same one.

All my money was shot into a hooker’s mouth in the Enron suite amidst a spray of cheap wine, shredded documents and catered sandwiches. The dotcom “boom” was simply another speculator ponzi scheme like the entire Federal Reserve itself.

Oy vey! Most of the people, all of the time! Come on back inside the tent, you rubes, der show iz not over yet! Plenty of dancing bears still to come! Invest! Invest! ZOGBux are as good as gold.

Congrats, Tim.