I hate this guy


I can’t believe you tagged someone and asked that.


But I removed the tag anyway.


Jumpin Jesus, that ad. I mean, as a Gen X I fully embraced 90’s Edge, but even 20’s me probably woulda said “Really??” if I’d have seen that.

The sad thing is that it’s really not that hard to come up with a clever play to get the joke across with a wink.

“Never get sent for batteries at 2am again!” – Funny

“SHE GOT A VIBRATOR” – Not funny

You should become a professional humor coach. A lot of people need coaching, including me.

Pretty sure my current gig pays significantly better and makes me less suicidal.

I feel duped. I clicked on the image and saw some sort of European language in the fine print.

We all know Europeans have wacky edgy sex jokes in their ads. It’s just their way! I can’t criticize them for being themselves.

Well, I guess in a Dutch context the ad might be okay. :shrug:

It’s not the subject matter that sucks.

“Ve cut off your Tchonsson!” – Funny!

“We’re gonna chop off your dick!” – Not funny.

“Wish I had the kind o’ wagon you’re draggin’!” – Funny!

“I’m jealous of your ass!” – Not funny.

Feel free to contact the public CAA number for my day rates.

It’s Danish. Not Dutch. I’d know. We’d be more subtle about it :P

I get reprimanded by Tom a lot via PM.

That shit’s confusing, fam. Dutchland is, like, where - between Belgium and Poland, somewhere? All I know is that there’s this spot where the Germans always seem to invade France through every so often. This mythical place where you can, like, smoke the weed in, like, the open, and stuff.

It’s very simple. The Dutch live in the Netherlands, which a lot of people (including Dutch people) call Holland, even though that’s just the name of the largest region in the Netherlands. German people call their country Deutschland, and their language Deutsch, but they’re not Dutch. Danish people are from Denmark, and they do eat danish there.

Germany invades France through Belgium, which is a conglomeration of the Flemish and Walloon regions, which, while perhaps not terribly useful information, does give one the opportunity to say “Walloon” which is quite fun. Walloon Walloon Walloon.

Given how blurry that image is, I think my mistake is understandable.

It’s Swedish. Unfortunately.

So why was I summoned in here…




Editing the post did not get rid of the summons Yak.

I was fishing (jokingly) for a “woman’s opinion/POV”. (Is that the right term?) I personally thought it was hilarious! But crude. Sorry.

Unless it involves actual fish from a body of water, like rivers, oceans and lakes, you should not put the word fish and its alternative forms in a sentence that leads to acquiring a woman’s attention.

Strike 2.