I just can't get excited

I do wonder nowadays - I used to get excited about new games but somehow when I hear about HL2 and DOOM3 I can’t get excited,

I feel like I’m never going to be excited by a game again - it feels so production line nowadays - and that makes me feel a bit sad inside.

Someone: please give me a reason to be excited about games again. I want to feel the same way I felt when I saw Doom, Quake and Duke3d for the first time. I want to feel like what I’m seeing is revolutionary - not derrivative.

Stop reading so many previews of upcoming games, websites about games and just all the crap that goes on surrounding games. You’ll be a lot more excited about gaming in general.


You want to get excited about games again? Find another hobby for a year or two and don’t even read about games and then come back to them. I think that’s the only cure.

Lower your expectation and reduce your game information flow :). No, seriously. The best game experience I’ve had this year was KOTOR on the XBox b/c I went into it with no expectations. I was thinking “oh lame Star Wars, crap, a console game, etc” bought basically as an excuse to buy an XBox which I’d been wanting for a year or so. Then it absolutely blew me away and I played it twice :0.

On the other hand, games in the same RPG genre that I got all hyped up about ended up disapointing me: Lionheart (major disapointment) and sorta ToEE also - its not bad - its just that my expectations were huge so I’m ending up having a mediocre to good experience.

Theres so much info flooding us about games and most sites/mags know that hype drives sales (since we’re all so hyper about the Next Big Thing). That means that by the time anything comes out we’ve been there done that.

So if you want to have a better gaming experience, stop reading the hype. Disconnect. Don’t get your hopes up. And you will be pleasantly surprised. The good news is, despite bugs, marketing woes, and cries of impending doom, there are a LOT of good dev teams out there with good ideas and a lot of good games coming. But by the time most big name titles come out they’ve been hailed as the Second Coming of Christ. And no game, no matter how good, can live up to that hype :0.


Or get some quality herb. Hours of absorption, guaranteed. I agree about KOTOR, though - it’s the most RPG fun I’ve had since BG2 and Planescape. The bit where you convince two entire families to kill themselves is pants-wettingly funny.

Um, i guess you had to be there.

Though I’m glad Kitsune wasn’t; no offence dude, just not my kick.

And SPOILER, sort of.

This place, or game forums in general are starting to sound more and more like 12 step support groups. lol

Seriously though its not just games, I met this girl from San Antonio while living in Vail CO., to say she was one of the prettier creatures on the planet would not be an overstatement. She was there for the season, we met Halloween night and I would not be exagerating if I told you we fucked till March. We literally stayed in bed, she was human Viagra.

That being said, by the time march rolled around I hated her, and shook my head at dudes who commented about how hot she was. It was kind of like that scene from Brainstorm where his wife is wearing the device while they argue, later walken watches the recording and sees what she SAW, he looked like a monster. Hard to explain but if you have seen the movie you know what I mean.

If you keep doing the same thing your synapses shrivel up, go do something this weekend that you have never done, even if its lame.

Actually, they’re starting to sound more like Penthouse Forum.

I went through that before in the past, and thought I might this year again. Then I saw the Halo2 ten minute trailer. That one is right at the top of my list. Ninja Gaiden’s not far behind that, either.

yeah, the medical term is called “progressive adaptation”… the more classic example is when you walk into a bathroom and get the whiff of shit… it is nasty as you walk in… but as you hang around the bathroom while you pinch your own loach the smell starts to go away – it is actually still present, but you just get desensitized to it.

which is the same deal with me and games or me and a hot chick… I met some hotties in my day and after a while I found them less and less attractive… but thinking back to some of them now, if I saw them again I would fuck the living daylights out of them again… since the desensitization has worn off…

… so, take a vacation from gaming… come back in a 6-12 months and you will be spurting jizz on your screen again when you see Doom 4 or HL3…

I don’t see how HL2 seems “production line”… if so, that’d have to be one of the longest ones around. Seems to me I can get quite excited about HL2… not so much about Doom 3, not sure why though.

— Alan

I think Dave hit it on the head. I stay away from previews, these days, almost completely. I get weak sometimes. :oops:

But I find this really helps keep the anticipation level pretty high.

I think this is a good idea, though it doesn’t make me anticipate games anymore. What it does do is let me play a game without knowing much about it, so I be surprised if the game has surprises.

When I played the Diablo 2 expansion, I didn’t know anything about it other than vaguely remembering the new character classes. Everything else about the game was a surprise. I enjoyed it much more because of this.

I keep myself excited about games by not reading the news, the reviews, or the previews that come out - the only real connection I have to what’s new and coming out is this forum.

It’s working pretty well so far (even If i’m not subsidizing you Gaming Jouranlist types…sorry).

Of course if you have multiple women to fool around with it’s MUCH harder to get bored.

New hobby needed. Get out before you become a pod person.

The solution is not to anticipate anything. The healthiest attitude toward games that I can discern is more akin to Zen than anything.

Yeah, I juggle Da Wife and mah girlfriends. I’m too tired to play too many games so I gots to be choosy. :lol:

Yeah, it makes for a much fresher experience when you sit down and play a new game. I haven’t even seen the HL2 trailer. I know next to nothing about it.

Same thing for me and Deus Ex 2. I’ve seen the intro, because I’m weak, and a couple of screenshots. I’ve avoided everything else because I don’t want to be thinking “Ah, here’s the bit where the helicopter crashes into the White House and the aliens invade.”

It’s just like movies. You get excited about the big summer ones, watch them all and get burned out and stop going for a few months. Same with games.