I just saw Tom Chick

I’m rewatching the office and it’s the episode where Michael accidentally outs oscar. At the end of the episode oscar gets in his car with his boyfriend and I thought “hey that looks way too much like Thomas Fitzgerald Chick” so I IMDBed it. I had no idea he was in the office. Fun little surprise.

PS I took the liberty of guessing Tom’s middle name.

Just wait until you find out about Reporter Gordon.

He’s said on the podcast, it’s Wesley I think.

West Wing!

Do you think he ever found out that Oscar was gay?

Do you even podcast bro? ;)

Yep, the “looks like hotel art” episode. His character was a real dick!

Yes that is covered here

So what is Kevin Bacon “tomchick number”?


I don’t :( I no longer have a commute.