I love Lego

There’s a registered trademark for a Tiger tank? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Hey DTG, just following up on your excellent suggestion. I ordered the digger (it was one model down from your suggestion, cost only £65 for all those bricks and 4 motors) and we couldn’t be happier with it. Excellent quality, motors are strong, and the set comes with pretty much every kind of brick you could want for my son to create bizarre contraptions with. Like you said, it’s great that you can use the controller and not just the app, which means I don’t have him staring at a screen to run things.

The only thing it’s short on are gears (there are a bunch of small ones, but no big 40+ tooth gears, and he’s already dreaming up things where he wants 20 gears all chewing at each other. So I can see picking up some extra bits, along with maybe a car to get the ‘buggy’ and ‘servo’ motors as well.

Price is as low as you can find anywhere too. Thanks again.

Glad it worked for ya’ll. You probably already know you can get gears and whatnot from various sellers at bricklink.com or brickowl.com.

On my wishlist. I love the NASA kits.

FYI, double VIP points this weekend. It’s a decent program if you’re buying a lot of Lego anyhow.

I’m saving up for:

Resistance fallen for me on double VIP point weekend. It’s on its way.
And I get a “free” fleece LEGO blanket!