I love Lego

There’s a registered trademark for a Tiger tank? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Hey DTG, just following up on your excellent suggestion. I ordered the digger (it was one model down from your suggestion, cost only £65 for all those bricks and 4 motors) and we couldn’t be happier with it. Excellent quality, motors are strong, and the set comes with pretty much every kind of brick you could want for my son to create bizarre contraptions with. Like you said, it’s great that you can use the controller and not just the app, which means I don’t have him staring at a screen to run things.

The only thing it’s short on are gears (there are a bunch of small ones, but no big 40+ tooth gears, and he’s already dreaming up things where he wants 20 gears all chewing at each other. So I can see picking up some extra bits, along with maybe a car to get the ‘buggy’ and ‘servo’ motors as well.

Price is as low as you can find anywhere too. Thanks again.

Glad it worked for ya’ll. You probably already know you can get gears and whatnot from various sellers at bricklink.com or brickowl.com.

On my wishlist. I love the NASA kits.

FYI, double VIP points this weekend. It’s a decent program if you’re buying a lot of Lego anyhow.

I’m saving up for:

Resistance fallen for me on double VIP point weekend. It’s on its way.
And I get a “free” fleece LEGO blanket!

Got the Pac-Man set coming for a Father’s day present! Looks fun.

Well, I hope that the original designer gets some $$

I bought his instructions before he teamed up with a 3rd party to make a full set, and I bought a Chinese knock-off kit because the parts were too expensive individually. I built it when on my annual Cape Cod vacation and our cabin caretaker liked it so much she paid me $100 for it to sit on the fireplace mantle. I had paid about that for the kit, but I go there every year so I’ll still see it, plus that’s where it belongs.

Mine has no minifigs obviously. Depending on the price I may go for it.

[Edit] - I see it’s an Ideas set, so the designer will get some money from it.

I don’t see a price on that Orca set anywhere, wonder what it will go for?

Seems that there was some dispute among MOC makers over that Orca set. The designer I purchased the plans from uploaded the instructions to Rebrickable in March 2020. He couldn’t submit it for Lego Ideas because it was derived from a “violent” movie. But the rules apparently changed because this designer posted his MOC on Lego Ideas in December 2020 and got enough votes before the original designer realized what was happening.

TLDR: Lego Drama

Oh my god, a few months ago, when upthread you guys were talking about Lego trains, I wanted to see if anyone had made a Mercury train – that supercool, slightly ominous, art deco train – out of Lego.

It turns out that, sure, people had built that train out of Lego. And in a different forum, another flame warrior cast Summon Drama re: plagiarism and relative quality, using some of the same language.

My god! These Lego fanatics are so persnickity about who is the better and earlier artist. I’d love to see internet forums of old-timey painters: “Obviously, your still-life of the bowl of fruit is inferior to mine, because I first placed two apples in my wooden bowl, and would have included a banana as you later did if the cargo ship was able to deliver a fresh example.”

To be fair to the Orca MOC creator (the March 2020 one, not the December 2020 one), there can be real money involved. I believe that Lego Ideas winners get 1% of net profits from sales of the set. I think this one will sell well. Seems a bad Idea (ha!) to me for Lego to even accept submissions of widely-known iconic sets. I think there was a similar spat over the Ideas Wall-e kit several years ago.

Mostly done…this set is delightful…for those of us of a certain age.
Not cheap, but not unreasonable. Double-VIP points a few weeks ago helped.

I got that set for Father’s Day and really enjoyed building it. Fun set piece on my shelf too - everyone is wow’ed by the mechanical movement of the ghosts & Pac-Man.

I have lust in mah heart…

…but not the $700 in the bank.

That’s too expensive. Just because it’s big doesn’t justify that price. Less than 3,000 pieces. It’s not that different from other retired Technic sets like 42082 or 42009 (both of which I have, one built), which even on the aftermarket are less than $700 MISB. Even the still-available 42131 bulldozer is $500.

Lego’s getting nuts. A decent alternative for cool Technic-type sets like this is:

Parts are fully compatible with Lego. They don’t rely on an app. And in general they’re not ripping off official Lego kits.

I agree the pricing is nuts.

On the other hand, two hubs, six motors, sustainable packaging and supply chain, not adding to China’s coffers if that matters to you, and no IP infrigement - Brickheadz is one of the product lines on that website and is a trademark of The LEGO Group. I doubt any of the anime stuff is licensed, either.

Yep, I get that. I linked only to the “Tech” series because there really isn’t any Lego equivalent other than Technic and there are so many more options than Lego provides. Few of their kits in that theme are IP infringement. If Lego has a model available then I go with them even if their price is (reasonably) higher. That crane price is not reasonable.

As far as China’s coffers, much Lego is built there. Much of the after-market trade in retired sets is from there. I’ll buy a direct knock-off of a retired official set if I really want it and the price is less than half of what I can get on Ebay or Stockx for the real deal. I’ve never bought a knock-off of an available retail set. I’ve also purchased the instructions from Rebrickable or Brickset when I’ve purchased a kit that was stolen from MOC creators.

If you’re buying in/from Asia.

In the Americas it would be Mexico. In Europe, Denmark and a couple other EU countries. I’m assuming most folks on the board are in those markets.

Anyway, I agree the price of that set is eye-poppingly high. I don’t have an opinion yet on reasonableness, not knowing what’s actually in it. Being a licensed set absolutely does not explain it.