I receive a "Letter of marquee" to pirate content from anglosaxon countries.

Piracy is illegal, but I wanted to pirate movies. So I talked with the King of my country, and receive a permision from him. A written “letter of marquee” that allow me to pirate. The restrictions is I can only pirate from anglosaxons, and until they return us all our spanish gold.

I have started my pirate life watching movies such has Seven Samurais and 12 Angry Men.

Since money is not more a issue. Anyone can recommend me movies? I want to watch the absolute best movies ever made, I have no time or interest for 9.5/10 movies, I only want 9.9/10 movies.

Just to repeat this: It is legal for me to pirate now.

Heres my license:

Movies already mentioned:

  • The Falls (1983)
  • Last Year in Marienbad
  • The Draughstman
  • Army of Shadows
  • Days of Heaven
  • Andrei Rublev
  • Master and Commander
  • Seven Samurais
  • 12 Angry Men

Sites that are not scared to host good movies:

  • Kanopy
  • Criterion Channel
  • Prime Video

QT3 unnoficial Discord:


A letter of marquee, yesterday:


Surely you should be pirating The Magnificent Seven, not Seven Samurai, if you’re pirating from Ango-Saxons.

From now on, you will be my lawnyer.

Do you accept payments in gold?

Maybe I should watch next “The Treasure of Sierra Madre”, I remember it was pretty good.

Thanks, I will put that one on my list.

It’s not as good as Kurosawa’s.

no reason to watch it them. until I have seen all the >9.9 movies recently.

I have found a secret Discord for movie fanatics, they do something really cool, they stream movies on discord “share screen” then they discuss the movie.

Is a awesome experience.

I think this thing used to be called “Cine Forum”, from the before the coronavirus times. But is made pretty easy with Discord.

What is that? A cat attorney? Or an attorney specialized in lawn conflicts? Perhaps a very old person (get out of my lawn!) who is also an attorney?

Wait a minute, do we have a discord here in QT3?

all of the above. is a awesome list, so it must be true.

Teiman, piracy becomes you. You are in good form today.


Could you give a advice for a really really really good movie to watch? from the absolute best list, and near the top if possible.

Can you narrow down genre, era etc?

Considering he has a Letter of Marquee, then perhaps he should start in the piracy genre. Perhaps Captain Blood?

So it’s a very old cat who happens to be an attorney specialized in lawn conflicts?

That does sound awesome.

Honestly, if you could package typo-interpretation into a party game, people would probably buy it.

no?, everything but westerns

If you want to go nautical, good sir pirate, why not Master and Commander? It’s a great movie about a cat and mouse battle at sea in the Napoleonic era. I’m no expert on the times or naval engagements, but it made me feel like it was showing me what it must have been really like.