I want to take a leaf blower to my computer (case)

That only works with all-in-one computers.

I’ve use a wet/dry vac before and reversed the flow (so it blows out instead of in) and that worked fine.

Yeah, that’s what I got too. But it is pretty powerful, so fasten all your fans beforehand somehow.

I’ve been around long enough for this to make me laugh but not long enough to know where it came from!

You know, it’s funny. I saw this thread title and I thought, “I bet jpinard started this”. And sure enough, he did!


I had the exact same reaction.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad lol.

I’d seen a meme on reddit last year where someone took this old PC out into the middle of a field, then took a leaf blower to it, and it literally looked like it exploded from the dust. I wish I could find it cause it’s quite hilarious. Thankfully my system isn’t that bad.

I use my air compressor to blow out my computer cases more than any other use (like say inflating tires or making figit spinners go insanely fast).

I have to immobilize the fans so that I can, one, clean each blade off, and two, get the stuff under the blades cleaned. Good to know I was unintentionally preventing fan damage also.

Oh wow, thank you. That’s… that’s quite a question/thread.

How do you immobilize the fans?

I have a leaf blower and that seems like the nuclear option for cleaning a PC.

As an aside, we have two dogs for the time being and they are very afraid of the leaf blower. All I have to do is point it at one without even turning it on and she scampers away. It’s almost as scary as the vacuum!

I hold it with my finger. Good thing I didn’t go with the razor sharp metal bladed fans.

I have too many fans to do that. My radiator is a push pull config, so I’d need an extra hand to grab the second set.

@sharaleo how do you immobilize your fans?

So in movies where someone has to crawl through an air shaft with fans, the hero usually plugs the fan with something like a crowbar. So I suggest ramming hairpins and chopsticks into your fans to immobilize them. I’m sure it will work!

Chopsticks, that’s a great idea!

Unless they encounter the CHOMPERS!

That is indeed…quite a thread.

It also features a lot of old-guard QT3 people who aren’t here any more, so it is fun in that way too.

Leaf blowered my case earlier today and it went really well. The liquid radiator was pretty much fully clogged and it’s now pristine. The only thing is the stuff that’s stuck to the acrylic itself wouldn’t come off no matter how hard I blew it. Wiping it by hand is the only thing that works. Same thing with the fan blades.