Idiot conspiracy theorists


No, bleach and ammonia help counteract the effect of the flourides in our water, which were put there by the socialists.


That would work too. Whatever batshit reason sticks.




Oh my god I loved that game. BRB.




Why did it take this long?


It’s the Nazi Dollar.

As soon as anti-Nazi protest losses are above Nazi income the tech companies do something.

Otherwise its business as usual.

Silicon Valley is UTTERLY immoral. It’s about time those in the tech industry called out their peers on this. People who work for FB, Twitter etc need to be blacklisted. They are enabling and empowering the far right for no other reason than to increase their personal wealth.




That’s as nuanced as All Socialism = Pol Pot you see over on the right. The ethical/moral > unethical scale/immoral scale is something many corporates seem to be aware of and position themselves on.

Currently the socmedia companies are sitting where the Oil and Chemical companies did in the 70s. A vague awareness they are responsible, but its merely a marketing problem, not something driving leadership and strategy.


I spent many years in an industry like that; they know, they care, but it always comes down to one of two things:

  1. You have to persevere in order to affect change down the line, so stand the line and make changes as appropriate but stay within the herd
  2. You look at everything going on, say @#$% that $%# and leave.

Those who fall into the first category are therefore always those who make it to leadership, and organizations drag their heels toward any social progress.


Via @wallapuctus in another thread:


Trump’s supporters are basically just the dumbest, more immoral of the country. They are easily manipulated since they’re so dumb, and then more reasonable people fall prey to the fallacy of “Well surely this many people can’t be following something which is as bad as it seems. I must be mistaken.”

Nope! Trump is terrible, and his supporters follow him because they too are terrible people (and also profoundly dumb).


Also got removed from Youtube today.


Meanwhile Randazza reminds everyone that he’s an asshole and his ideals are flexible.

And the dumbest take of the day from a person that isn’t stupid: