Idiot conspiracy theorists




I honestly get a little more annoyed at the people adding to the noise for insane stuff like this. Even if they’re critical, circulating this at all in social media is probably doing more harm than good.


So what’s the enormous piece of land with red-brown earth that I fly over for hours and hours when I go to Europe or Asia (from NZ)? A projection? Mars?


Trick question. NZ doesn’t exist either. You ACTOR!


Fuck me, I wish someone was paying me just to be Aussie.


That’s just what an actor would say. Caught you!


I always figured something weren’t right with them southern hemisphere folks from the future.


I know, right? A huge island that has nothing but dangerous wildlife and flora. Everything wants to kill you. How else would you keep people from trying to travel there. We already have Florida. Why create something worse?


I’m prepping for work this week and reviewing some Richard Linklater films including Waking Life… I remember the crazy, red-faced guy in the car but I didn’t realize that was Alex Jones!

He was in A Scanner Darkly also. From a 2017 interview with Linklater on Vice:

Alex Jones was in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly . Obviously, a lot’s changed since then. When’s the last time that you spoke to him?
[ Laughs ] Alex was just this guy on public access TV. I liked his energy, but he was kind of a joke. I got to know him a little bit because he was in Waking Life and Scanner , doing some weird version of himself in both cases. He’s not really an actor, so I haven’t really talked to him since the Obama years. I guess there’s a part of me now that’s surprised, because he never seemed like that to me. I can’t say he’s not a good manipulator. I can’t say I’ve really known him these years. Really bizarre.

When did you first meet him?
On Waking Life . He came in, had seen my movie Slacker , we started talking about a part, so I worked up a little part for him. He was more fun when it was the Bush era, put it like that. [ Laughs ] When he was anti- that , I was like, “Yeah!” and then I was like, “Oh, you’re just anti-everybody.” But then he’s pro-somebody for the first time, which is like, “Big choice, Alex.” We’ll see how it shakes out long-term. I haven’t spoken to him in years though.

I don’t blame you.
Yeah, no, he’s a total—he’s doing pretty well for himself, though. You can’t say he’s not a self-made capitalist. Did you see that John Oliver bit on him? Someone told me about that and I finally looked it up, and I was like, “Oh my God.” You gotta keep yourself employed. You’re the one bracing for the attack, instead of the one giving the attack. It’s how to play defense, but it’s more fun to play offense.





Don’t worry he has a totally reasonable explanation. Fricken’ laser beams.


This and the Social Media thread probably aren’t good for my blood pressure.


The laser beam thing spreads. I got asked about it, completely out of the blue by a fellow employee. It irked him enough to make a special trip to my office, to get the office liberal’s opinion. Thankfully he was easily dissuaded from this madness, and we even got the opportunity to talk about climate change. After seeing the infamous hockey stick graph for the first time, and a follow up with XKCD’s excellent timeline on the subject, he expressed amazement as to why he hadn’t seen these things before and came around to the reality and dire threat of the situation. A first. So @KevinC , hopefully that tidbit can clear away some gloom :)


“Fires cannot melt steel beams” is one for the ages…


Melting point of Al: 1,221°F.
Average Temperature of a Forest Fire at ground level: 1,472° F
Conclusion: Projected Energy Weapons


I was showing that timeline to someone just last week - it should be the goto any time someone says “but the Earth has been hot and cold in the past!”


It’s a remarkable piece of data visualization. Also! Anytime a member of congress (or anybody using an IP address traced to the house or senate) tries to view any XKCD comic, it automatically redirects to the climate one. Doubly Brilliant.