Idiot conspiracy theorists


I give him a week before he reverts back into a truther/qanon/whatever-ist. It’s like trying to roll a boulder uphill. Nature is against you.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily make it an accurate data visualization. The problem with it is that it combines two completely different data sources-- modern year-to-year temperature data, and temperature data reconstructed with time resolution of about a century.


Actually your critique is about precision not accuracy. I mean, if we are going to get our pedant on, let’s get it on correctly, am I right?


Of course he addresses it directly in the comic. If you look between 16,000 and 15,500, he explains where the data comes from, and that it’s possible that short-term spikes occur that wouldn’t show up in the data.

Randall does know what he’s doing.


Does anyone sell “Global Warming Insurance”?



There’s a reason why he’s been called the dumbest m’fer on the internet.


Letting the Libs win, to own the Libs. It’s truly 9D chess.


General Trumpus Maximus has studied Cannae, has those invading libs where he wants them.




No it’s over 9000 (dimensional)!


I wish I were a porn producer because Hot Musket is such an awesome name for a X-rated superhero series.


Featuring the porn stars Blunderbust and the Pussy Rifler!


Surely there’s a role for Ramrod.


The British are coming?


And Bushrod Johnson. Real name. Look it up.


Is Pence Q?


What are those army guys doing hanging out with a bunch of policemen… oh.


Heh. They took it down, reposted without the Q picture.