If you could have a game based on a book

A city/economic sim with a medieval setting and a medieval economy with religious and state politics thrown in.

I approve!

Haven’t read the book yet, but I did buy it for a friend.

Exactly what I was going to post, except I would want a large scale Dynasty Warriors kind of thing following the major battles of the Old Testament. I would totally bring down the Walls of Jericho in 3D.

Delta Green. Yes I know its an RPG setting first and foremost rather than a book but is so utterly awesome in every way that it demands a slot.

I’d love a strategy game set in the uplift war universe. Heck, it could even be massively multiplayer. Lots of interesting diplomacy options/interactions, and who could pass up building the g’Kek empire?

An FPS based on Area 7. It’s got it all: a cool location, grappling hooks, various military factions, a speedboat chase, and a plot involving the president.

I’d settle for a CoD4 map based on the research base in Ice Station.

How about an Abbey Management/Castle Defense game based on the Redwall series.

Space strategy combat based on this or this by Iain M Banks

Starship Troopers done with the same gameplay mechanics as Terra Nova.

You’re in luck!


For my pick… I don’t know. Are there any games around based on Tolkein’s books?

…that was a facetious question but actually come to think of it, that would be really good: a game based on a faithful rendition of the Tolkein mythos as opposed to standard computer-game-mechanics with “Tolkein flavour” sprinkled onto it…

An RPG along the lines of Neal Stephensons Quicksilver, etc. Work in some crazy short selling stock market action.

A strategy game or RPG along the lines of Mark Smylie’s Artesia.

A long term strategy/rpg hybrid along the lines of Asimov’s Foundation universe. You’d play empires as they come and go, attempting to manipulate the long term end result, while keeping an eye on short term victory conditions. You could either play as Daneel Olivaw, or a sequence of human heros/nations attempting to make order from chaos, figure out what was going on, and/or break free from the cycle.

A Space opera-ish game along the lines of Star Control or Starflight, set in David Brin’s Uplift universe. Or maybe some sort of wild MMO strategy/adventure game.

I’m lazy and this would practically program itself, yay!

Yes, I’d love a Star Control or Starflight type game in the Uplift Universe. Maybe even an Elite/Privateer type game. Much more so than this:

Even though I like strategy games, I just don’t think good strategy games benefit all that much from having a good story. It only makes me wish I could get through them as quickly as possible to see the story (like Starcraft) and it ends up being a frustrating experience because the strategy gets in the way of the setting/story. So a strategy game would be a waste of the Uplift universe I think.

Oh hell yes. The whole time I was reading through the Nights Dawn trilogy, I couldn’t help thinking what an awesome Elite/Privateer type game it would make. Plus, the events of the trilogy could even be taking place during the game, hence changing the political centers of gravity in the universe, and changing the prices and trade opportunities as everything starts going to hell.

It would also make a great CoD4 style FPS too. There’s lots of action sequences in the books that would translate well to a first person shooter.

Get the Torment team back together and put them to work on an RPG set in China Mieville’s Bas Lag setting.

King Suckerman by Pelecanos. Sex, violence, drugs, and great music.

The story takes place during the Bicentennial celebration in Washington, D.C., and has as its linchpin that familiar crime-plot device: the drug deal gone bad. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Vietnam vet and record-store owner Marcus Clay and his friend, small-time dealer Dimitri Karras, find themselves in possession of a large sum of cash belonging to a movie-loving, psychopathic ex-con and a shotgun-toting, Afro-wearing “white-boy-wanna-be-black-boy cracker.”

I always throught an MMO based on Farmer’s Riverworld would be pretty cool.

I’d love a game based on Peter Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga. Okay, the actual narrative isn’t any great shakes but the world that it’s set in is fantastic - I loved the idea that people travel between star system on trains rather than the more typical hyperspace starships. Plus, as a bonus, the source material is already hopelessly misogynistic (two words: Mellanie Rescorai) so the developers could put all of their efforts into designing the gameplay.

I’m not sure what form this game would take, to be honest - maybe an RPG or an adventure game?

Or maybe an RTS set in the Night’s Dawn universe - possessed versus non-possessed. You could have huge space battles involving capital ships and planetary defence systems. Once the planetary defences are down, you switch to another view and engage in vast land-based battles. Playing as the possessed gives you access to certain historical figures who can affect your performance in certain key areas or give the possessed armies the ability to affect map objects in certain ways. Summoning Rommel from the beyond, for example, allows your possessed army to convert vehicles into tanks, for example.

You are thinking too strictly in terms of some kind of campaign, which I agree I’m not that fond of. The best strategy games have background, rather than a linear story, and background is what the Uplift War has in spades. Take for instance Alpha Centauri, the story was hardly rigid and no way got in the way of game play, just provided it with flavor and interesting mechanics. The same goes for Dominions, even less ‘story’, but all the bits of description and probably add up to a novel or two in interesting tidbits.

You can argue I guess that you end up doing unthematic thing in the name of strategy, but that’s an issue for almost any rpg as well.

Honor Harrington tactical space fleet simulator. Make it hexed based, turn based for ultimate love. With full vector physics. The boardgame already exists, just translate it.

Big space MMO based on Peter F Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn series, pls.