Immigration in the US


We had lunch at a café last week on their patio. The people behind me were old white people talking some politics. I didn’t pay any attention to them when I sat down. They leaned right, some ex-military there and one of them talking about Levine and some book he saw. I did think it weird though when one of them got up to use the bathroom and walked past me. He had long hair and a pony tail. You just can’t tell people by their looks anymore. :)


Yeah, what Kevin said. Also, when I’m biking, it’s usually white assholes in pickup trucks that drive close to me. I know what they’re saying. They are saying, “Stop biking.” Of course what they’re really saying is, “I’m an intolerant fuckwit.”

Anyhow, I acknowledge that there are some white guys who drive pickup trucks who aren’t intolerant fuckwits. But most of the people who brush me off the road are white guys driving pickup trucks.

Similarly, most of the people who talk loudly in cafes like knuckle-dragging animals are old white fuckers.


You guys need some different coffee shops. Here’s my local:

If you don’t trip over the yoga lady’s dog on the way to greet the old bearded union organizer who’s arguing with the firefighter and disturbing the goth who is studying for their finals, you’ll no doubt have to lean over the trans kid who is playing Call of Duty on a laptop with her girlfriend in order to avoid cutting in front of the two cops in line to order.


That dude on the wall looks like he has some sort of game controller on his chest: Up, Down, Left, Right.




I heard an awful lot of awful conversation at our local place in Orange County. A lot of, “I got mine, so fuck 'em” talk.


I love stereotyping people since the actions of a few always reflect how they all act. It’s why I hate people who are younger than me, those of a different color and of course those of another ethnicity and religion. :)

And I never got the coffee house thing, but I love the brew house thing.



LOL. God, do people ever suck.


Yeah, we don’t want them eating out at restaurants, but how dare they be able to keep perishables fresh for a bit!
Livin’ the life of Reilly, I tells ya!


You know who pays for their refrigerators and the lobster and steaks you know are inside don’t you? Hard working taxpayers, that’s who.

It hurts so much to write that, but I’ve heard it so many times with slight differences.


Well, it’s business as usual for Trump with OPM (other people’s money):


That improves my opinion of many senior-level Defense Department officials. Slightly.



Having a conversation with a Trump supporter about the caravan people already breaking the law, he was actually engaging in a conversation and was one of the first times i had one bring up some interesting points. I was going to research them tomorrow, but if anyone has more info…id love to be able to provide an effective counter to his specific points …

"Fact: Mexico offers a 45 day “asylum” visa that allows entry for 45 days while the individual makes application for asylum in another nation. Of the 7000 or so (that number has been reported by multiple sources including the UN, international refugee organization, Mexican refugee agency and several media outlets) only 1400 were processed before the remainder forced their way through the fences and authorities behind the fences. SOME threw rocks the authorities not only at the Guatemalan border but while proceeding on their journey through mexico. Again reported by multiple sources/media. That makes at least 5600 individuals have already violated Mexican law"

he also mentioned some anecdotal scary language of quotes of some of the refugees saying “only God will stop us”, but that is easy to mitigate, as it doesn’t really reflect the thoughts of an entire group of people. Monolithic thinking striking again. The first part I don’t have info on and was going to research it more tomorrow.


You’ve already conceded by even engaging on this. The only reason this caravan is an issue is because of the election. They’re not a new occurrence.


I’d reply saying I’m a red-blooded American who’s not frightened of a bunch of starving, desperate refugees carrying nothing but the clothes on their backs, and ask why the fuck is he such a coward?



Also this isn’t even true. The only “source” that says they threw rocks I could find is… Infowars.
Anything else he says after including Infowars as a source isn’t even worth talking about.

5600 of them already violated Mexican law! First, that’s probably not even true, but second… who gives a fuck? Since when is Mexican law worth a damned? It’s just an excuse to handwave thousands of people as “criminals” and “win” an argument.


Actually it is true , per cnn article

This was my response to him (with information cobbled together from multiple sources)

Correct a little more than 7000 refugees in the two caravans.

Though correction its not “asylum” visa, Its actually a visitors Visa, and about 1000 have been submitted for that, Additionally about 1700 are being processed for asylum directly into Mexico. However that is up to a 2 year wait. An additional 1,000 have given up per multiple source and are dispersing, from exhaustion and some are even heading back

There are an estimated remaining 3000 to 3500 per AP reporting and Mexico government, and of those around 2,500 to 3000 migrants from the caravan are still “stranded” at the Guatemala-Mexico border. That’s about 500 that are unaccounted for which makes up the group that broke through the that checkpoint on the Mexico border and a few of those threw rocks.

The group stuck at the Guatemala-Mexico border consist mainly of family members and unaccompanied children.

As far as the ‘only God will stop us’ comment and others stating they have family waiting in the US, I’m sure that is true, just as their are dozen of interviews and stories that they are fleeing widespread violence is true, and that children are fleering alone because their ENTIRE families are wiped out is TRUE. These are refugees, and you can say any story you want, and it will be true of some of them. Ok, almost any story, that middle eastern terrorist are hiding in them, might be a stretch, its possible of course, just highly likely.

This is a humanitarian tragedy, and our response and actions to this crisis will define us. Who do you want to be in this fulcrum moment of history?


I’m sure you’ll get a reasoned response from that Trump supporter.

Just kidding. He’ll say fuck them, put em in cages or shoot them.