Immigration in the US


It’s actually lucky that she cracked her ribs, as it let them catch this cancer very early.

The same thing happened when she got pancreatic cancer, which normally has a very low survival rate. But they caught it very early while she was checked out for something else.


A full body scan and blood tests need to be part of her daily routine at this point. Her health is too vital to the country!


The other news here is that Roberts voted with the Dems.

It’s hard to understand the other conservative justices here. The law seems pretty clear: Method and location of entry into the US are irrelevant once someone claims asylum. The government has to consider their claim. And the President can’t unilaterally rewrite the law.

Roberts is clearly the new swing vote.



Is he highlighting the tips to show where they’ll mount the brown kids’ heads?


I think it’s a picket fence joke.


How much does an acetylene torch cost?


Given the dimensions, odds are a crowbar might be enough.


A Toyota jack might work.


And here in West Michigan, we have the second largest contributor to the wall fund.

@jpinard and I are doing our best, but I don’t think we can balance out the stupidity scales around here.


$12,000 to basically make them the basement repair company of choice for any shitheads in West Michigan was probably a wise business move. It’s like a cult that just won’t go away.


If I remind him most of them come in by plane/ship maybe his head will explode and it will improve our community by +1


After all this time of the biggest, most humongous wall, I’m pretty sure with the money Trump is actually going to raise to pay for it, it will definitely go to eleven!


The sad irony is, 5 billion is a made up number and is at least 10x lower than the real figure. It’s just so far beyond the realm of ridiculous it’s unreal.


And doesn’t include maintenance. As a liberal who thinks the wall is un-american in spirit, and an expensive boondoggle which really won’t accomplish much, I’m still not opposed to it so much because, quite frankly, it really is what the voters voted for.

However, that being the case, I am 110% opposed to putting it on the credit card like the rest of the GOP’s unfunded mandates. If you want to build an expensive boondoggle, find a dedicated funding source and pay for it (building and maintenance).



It is actually NOT what the majority of voters voted for. Yes, Trump won the election, but in terms of the will of the majority of voters, the majority of voters voted for Clinton. So just at a very basic level of “mandate of the majority”, Trump has never had that. That’s actually a big factor IMO that we kind of ignore.

It’s the danger of winning the electoral college but losing the popular vote: you end up with the power under our political process, but you don’t have the actual consent of the governed. I believe a lot of the foundation of the energy of the resistance traces back to this fact.


As a liberal with a conservative bent, no really it’s true, I know this won’t even work. It will be an expensive hunk of junk that does nothing for anybody, but give Trump a check-mark in the win column, oh and make some government contractors rich.


The biggest deal with the wall is the symbolism. The Trumpists want it to show how TOUGH and STRONG and DISCIPLINED against immigrants they are, and many of us who oppose it consider it a costly, environmentally damaging waste that is also a big “F-U” to immigrants. and we oppose it for all of those reasons.

Even if it were cheap and not very damaging, I would still oppose it, on principle.


Even if it were cheap and not damaging, it will would not work. Fences discourage people they don’t stop people risking death to even get there. They’d wind up killing themselves getting over, maybe, and after that the rest will learn to scale it. It’s just… it won’t fix the problem at any cost. A lot these people are desperate. They don’t have anything else to go back to or they’re already fleeing death.

It’s frustrating as hell. There is no moral, fiscal or logical reason to do this.


Yeah, definitely true. They know it won’t work, but they want to win, dammit. They are helpless to actually stop illegal immigration, because they don’t really know how, but they can do something, and that’s throw tons of money at a useless gesture.