Immigration in the US




This Twitter thread is… well… I know I shouldn’t feed trolls with clicks, but wow.


My God, what a loser.


Wave 999999 2.


Remember that massive crime wave when the last caravan broke like a wave on our shores? All those rapes, murders and taco-truck massacres?


The Trump base will fall for this again. And again. And every time forever.


Some meathead wrestler I went to high school with posted a massive diatribe about how “even though Trump is no Saint,” we should rely on him to “rescue us from the murders and chaos coming over the border.”

And I’m just like, okay, dude, I know you were dumb as a box of fucking rocks when we were growing up together, but Jesus goddamned christ, couldn’t you just drown to death by looking up in a storm and save us all the trouble of wasting good oxygen on your continued existence?





I noticed they glossed over how the borderlands were originally Mexican territory, but I suppose that’s a different ball of wax, and would definitely not go well on the audience.


Everything West of the Louisiana Purchase was Mexican at one point for the most part. But back in those days you lost territory with wars, so that’s a kind of moot point really.


Let’s see, it was only about 180 years ago that it was Mexican? And the northwest territory was once claimed by Russia and England, I suppose we should remember that as well. :)



Well done, assholes.


ICE finally taking on that British Invasion we’ve been hearing about for decades. Can’t wait to see those British tears flow as they’re sent packing. I wonder who they’ll go after first.


It’s ok, because he’s brown and has one of them scary mooslem names.


Court filings by the Trump administration’s Health and Human Services (HHS) Department have argued that it could be “traumatic” to remove migrant children from sponsors homes and reunite them with their parents, suggesting that such action “would present grave child welfare concerns.”


There’s only a handful of nations that in modern history have undertaken evil at this level.

Argentina’s Lost Children and Nazi Germany are obviously on the list with you guys, this is truly a crime against humanity.


I don’t disagree on how evil this is, but there’s a lot of fucked up shit going on in modern times. Rwanda, Sudan, China’s Uighur internments, Assad gassing children with chemical weapons, etc.

Granted, that’s not a list I EVER want to see the U.S. included on. I remember being taught in elementary school about the Japanese-American internment camps in WW2 and wondering how Americans could let that happen. Now here we are and we don’t even have an “excuse” like Pearl Harbor to make us terrified.


I’m specifically talking about politically motivated confiscation and forced adoption of children.

And yeah, happens to Uighur kids too