Immortals Fenyx Rising - Assassin's Cartoon of The Wild

Shrines are definitly the thing I like least. Well, the longer shrines anyway. The shorter ones are pretty cool and I enjoy figuring them out. But at least a couple so far have been slogs due to having to do so much rolling and stuff over and over. Even though the puzzle itself is solved, getting all the doohickies to their correct spots is a pain.

Played the demo and this was really good.

Unfortunately like all other Ubisoft engine games like Division 2 and AC Odyssey/Origin, on Ultra at 1440p it runs at 30fps for me on my Ryzen 7 2700+GTX 1080 Ti and I have to drop to “High” to get it to 60 fps.

And that’s absolutely OK, too. I can see how BotW’s more deliberate pacing and general flow can be more enjoyable for many than the more kinetic style of Fenyx. I loved Fenyx, but even so I got frustrated at some points, and at some places I wish it would “slow down” a bit. So I get what you mean.

I’ve been playing this in the past week and I’m really enjoying it…except for Typhon. I can’t stand his continual interruptions. I find the voice work for the character intensely grating, and the recurring fights against the corrupted heroes are irritating and stupid.

The puzzles and exploration are great fun, but I have very little desire to play anymore.

Oh, by the way, the second DLC will be released on March 25th. Chinese mythology! I’m excited about that one.

Really enjoy the exploration, but agree with everything you else said. Typhoon gets old, but I am also a bit sick of the some of the vaults. Some of them harder ones are extremely tedious. The exploration keeps me going.

The tone of this game is just perfect. I love that Zeus doesn’t even know the true story of Chronos attacking Uranus and tells it as “a pearl fell into the ocean” and Prometheus whispers in his ear the real story… That cracked me up. Or when someone (maybe Hermes?) is telling the story of the Titanomachy and tells of Zeus throwing mountains on top of Typhon and he wistfully jokes “I’ve got to get back into that kind of shape again.”

Funny timing on getting this on sale recently, as I am in the middle of a HIGHLY ABRIDGED version of the old Greek myths with my younglings. Just a couple of days ago I told them the story of the Zeus rebellion and how Chronus was now “In Time Out”.

I dropped GamePass and picked up Ubi+ for this one (and Legions and Valhalla). Finished the main game yesterday with 51 hours clocked (75% game progression).

I loved it.

The game looks amazing on hardware that can run it. I managed 67 FPS avg at 2560x1440 @ 144Hz. I won’t praise all the same things other have done here, but I will say I don’t typically like puzzles in my open world games, but the challenges here were fun and easy enough to figure out without having to search out a walkthrough.

That said, I think I’m done after completing the main game. I won’t be going back for NewGame+, and if Herme’s Vault is a taste of the New God DLC, I’ll pass on that, thanks.

My kids both played Zelda on the Switch, and it never really clicked with me. Maybe it’s the mythology setting, but I had a really good time with this one.

I avoided this because of the Zelda comparisons and cartoon-y look, but boy was I wrong. Picked it up yesterday on sale, after playing the free demo. This is one very good game. I love the byplay between Prometheus and Zeus. That sort of thing can easily go astray, but here it’s very well executed. The gameplay is also slick and very AC like, though without the necessity for a patina of realism that AC settings demand, the game feels less burdened by unnecessary folderol.

My only “problem” with Fenyx (other than the horrible name) is just how utterly superfluous it all is. There’s basically nothing wrong with it at all, and in lots of ways i prefer the lighter tone to everything, but it still feels like an UBi-mash-up, and if you’ve just played a ton of AC Origins, Odyssey and / or Valhalla recently it is not exactly different enough to scratch the gaming itch without that been-here, done-that feeling.

It also doesn’t feel like Breath of the Wild (to me) anyway, despite the stamina-climbing mechanic and dungeons you have to move blocks around. BoTW has a distinct “Japanese-ness” to its art and logic that makes it feel different, and the sense of exploration is quite on a different level; Fenyx is an Ubi-game through and through.

Probably why I’m digging it. I am a sucker for Ubi-style. AC-lite is fine for me, especially at half price.

The Lost Gods DLC launching on 4/22.

Game has been updated with the prep for the DLC as well as the free DLC prequel/sample quest for everyone.

Wait. What?

Unfolding entirely from an overhead, god’s-eye perspective, the adventure centers on Ash, a new mortal champion following a series of catastrophic disasters.

Naturally, there are plenty of monsters standing between them and Ash, which players can dispatch using a new, brawler-inspired combat system.

Clearly they wanted to get in on some of that sweet Guilty Gear 2 Overture cash.

When the season pass was announced they had already said that the 3rd DLC would play differently, and have a different protagonist and everything.

Yes, but DLC normally doesn’t turn it into a completely different game. Changing the perspective from 3rd person over the shoulder to overhead isometric and changing combat is a pretty big deal.

Agreed. It is a pretty big deal, and it is the kind of risky stuff that Ubisoft will try every once in a while. The fact that this is DLC gives them some leeway in terms of “failing”, but if it works, they will probably make a whole game out of it, or insert this kind of experiment in other places.

Oddly enough, ACG has reviewed the new DLC:

It’s a pretty interesting change and makes me think that Fenyx is their “let’s try it!” game.

I think that was the biggest problem with the original Fenyx - it clearly was aping Breath of the Wild but not that much. They added bits and bobs to the game that BoTW had, but also kept, maybe a majority, of Ubi-game as well. Now they decide, let’s make it like Diablo!, and now we have a Diablo game. That lack of commitment to what exactly Fenyx is other than just “Video Game” i would hazard to guess shows that they don’t actually have any strong compelling reasons to make Fenyx anything. It’s like a “post-modern” game, game design beyond the idea of game design where function is a given and form is just ad hoc. Where you have a developer that makes games and here is a game that plays like a game, and we can make it play like any game you want. Got any ideas how you want the game to play? Send us a comment in our forums!

The extreme distance of the camera clearly makes it look like an ARPG, which seems even stranger.