Impulse Purchase

So after reading Jason McMaster’s description of some of the aspects of Freelancer in the “I’m about to buy X2” thread, I kneejerkedly decided that I had to try it (Freelancer, not X2). I love Space Hulk and didn’t know there were other games with that kinda stuff in them out there.
So anyways, I checked around and found out that Freelancer’s prequel was Starlancer, so of course I had to have that one too. I found SL for $1.99 and FL for $19.99 at EBGames. Shipping’s free, so the grand total is $21.98.
I’m already suffering buyer’s remorse, and the games probably won’t even get here for another week and a half or so.

So I have two questions:

  1. What’s the worst impulse purchase you’ve made, game or otherwise?

  2. Anyone know of any other Space Hulk-type games out there?

Max Payne 2. I didn’t care for the first but it was on sale!!!

MOO3. I just got so curious to see if it was as bad as Tom made it out to be.

A Russian bride.

actually, some impuse game purchases that were bad were Pirates of the Carribbean, Pool of Radiance 2, Civ 3 just off the top of my head. Almost did Lionheart but resisted. Max Payne for the XBox along with Madden 2002.

I would say Blast Lacrosse (PS1) and Dragonriders of Pern (DC), but unfortuately those were both planned purchases, despite the fact that I expected both to suck.

When I get onto to impulses, I tend to go whole hog in a genre, but it usually ends up ok. When Soul Calibur 2 came out, I went on a huge fighting game spree. I had read all the hype for SC2, and figured there had to something more in the genre to like that I had previously missed. Before dropping the cash, I played a bunch of fighters in MAME, and since I was having a pretty fun time, looked for what else to get. I ended up with Soul Calibur, Soul Edge, Darkstalkers 3, Street Fighter 3 Alpha, Bushido Blade, Super Smash Bros. Melee. Only well after the mania died down did I pick up Soul Calibur 2.

Right now, I’m in the middle of a golf swing. Links 2004, Links 2003 CE, Tiger Woods 2003 (PC), Hot Shots 2 (bad call there), Outlaw Golf (almost as bad) and I’ve got some coupons that are begging to be used for Mario Gold: TT. As bad as Outlaw Golf is, now that I heard about two limited release holiday editions of it, I want to pick those up too. Yes, I have a problem… (Edit: I was going to ask if anyone heard good things about Swingerz Golf, but after looking at the box art on MobyGames, I think I’ll waste $14.99 on it. Maybe I should get treatment for my problem…)

Don’t beat yourself up too much over Freelancer, it’s a fun ride, if not particularly deep. Starlancer? Hell, I picked it for $1.99 too even though I might never play it. Isn’t everything under $2.50 essentially free? If nothing else, you’ll have one last memento of the good ol’ big box days.

I’m usually pretty careful, but I recently picked up NFL Street on a whim. I did this despite the criticisms of it here & other boards I generally trust, but I wanted a new sports game to play while I work out. I should have listened to them, the game blows. I have atoned for my sin by dissuading three other people from buying it so far, and it is sitting right on top of my trade-in pile.

Pinobee for PSOne. Worst ever. Im convinced I was under mind-control by some aliens or something.

Destroyer Command. Ohmigod did that suck.
Homeworld. Reminded me why I hate RTS games.

How do you play a game while you work out?

Devil May Cry 2. The first game was so awesome I was willing to buy the second without consideration. What a rip that was.

PN03. What can I say? Capcom was on a roll, I was replaying Resident Evil, Viewtiful Joe kicked ass on the demo disc, I hadn’t played a shooter in a while, plus it had this Natasha Henstridge lookin’ chick shaking her butt all over the place.

I thought Pinobee was mildly OK on the GBA, MAF, but it really wasn’t. It’s just that at the time I was desperate for some GBA games and the backgrounds were really pretty. Plus, cyborg bee, I mean who wouldn’t expect that to be great? Terrorists, that’s who.

True dat. Ah, the big box days. I still have my weird-shaped, rectangular box from the original Outcast, just to remind me of the days when you could hope for more than a tiny advertising pamphlet and on-line manual.

Recumbent exercise bike. A fast-paced game does wonders from distracting me from the boredom of working out, and 90 minutes will pass quickly. It’s not going to work for free weights, but I’m thinking about saving up the $600 for one of these:

Way of the Warrior for 3DO. Saw it for $4.99 and figured “what the hell”. What the HELL indeed – it was probably the worst fighting game I’d ever played.

Don’t see why you’re suffering from buyers remorse, Starlancer is an amazing game, and Freelancer is stupor cool too. Getting both for twenty bucks is good juju.

I’m all about the used racks at the moment. Yesterday I went in to pick up silent storm (which they didn’t have) and came home with Grandia II, Hitman 2, Elite Force 2, and the Morrowind Box Set for around 40 bones or so, thanks to their “Buy two get one free” thing.

I think the worst case of buyers remorse I’ve had recently was Gothic II, I know a bunch of you guys get jammy pants thinking about that game, but it really does have the worst interface ever, unless you count the original Gothic.

Heh, I thought about buying that one when I saw it on the shelf… then I decided to read a few reviews first. :shock:

Heh, I went to EB today looking for old used games thanks to Shoot Club. I wanted to find Giants and Sacrifice and I couldn’t. I stopped at Toys R’ Us, CompUSA and EB, though I almost bought Operation Flashpoint.

I guess I can download the Sacrifice demo or Hidden & Dangerous to get me over the new purchase impulse.

Anyway, worst impulse buys:

Homeworld 2: What the hell was I thinking

Backyard Wrestling: Holy shit

Where’s Tyjenks in this thread? (Perhaps he’s still composing his multi-page list of bad impulse buys?)

Oh, I’d say Flying Heroes, but I may be the only non-Tom-Chick-entity to enjoy that game, as well.

I can’t really remember at the moment the worst impulse buy I’ve ever made. It was probably so horrendous that I’ve blocked it out completely. On the flipside, though, I just recently snagged a copy of Virtual Pool 3 for a toonie, and I’ve been having an absolute blast with it. I’ve actually gotten significantly better at it over the past week - though all I really play is Snooker.

He is the king of crap buys. What the hell was that game he conned a lot of people into buying?